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Our Artificial Christmas Tree Roundup

Christmas (TREE) time is here! Most years we love to go get a fresh cut tree, and last year we even shared how caring for a fresh cut Christmas tree is easier than you think. But this year, we have quite a bit of travel planned here and there so we decided to go all-artificial for ultimate ease. We have three artifical Christmas trees, and usually do get them all put up in addition to our fresh cut, but since the basement is still getting finished up, we sacrificed the basement tree this year and brought it upstairs. All three are so different from eachother and give off different vibes!

The Unlit Full Family Tree

The convienence of a pre-lit tree is great, but I love having an unlit tree that we know we'll be able to use forever. Plus stringing the lights around it still makes me feel like it's more "real" tree. It was a hand-me-down tree from my parents, purchased from Earl May so it's a very premium, realistic tree that should stand the test of time. We can light it with anything we want - like the twinkling white lights we put upstairs, or when we use this downstairs it gets colored lights.

artificial unlit tree with family ornaments

It has some larger pinecones, and the needles and branches on this tree vary in color and stature which I think helps it look more life-like too. It also helps hold up our big-ol heavy family ornaments. I shared a couple years ago about how it took me a while but I have fully embraced the kid craft tree as the central tree in our home. Click the link for the backstory.

artificial unlit tree with family ornaments

Sidebar: As our home evolves, so does where we have to display our holiday decor. Specifically above our fireplace I used to display our Santa themed decor and photo memories but since we got the frame TV, we had to simplify. I do love finding different seasonal "paintings" to display on the TV as the year progresses.

Christmas fireplace with garland and stockings

The Tall and Dusted Bow Tree

We added this tree to our set last year and I shared the simple but beautiful decorating tip of using ribbons and bows. We were wanting something a little more narrow and tall and found this one on a good deal at Walmart. It's pre-lit, and I will say you can definitely tell the quality difference in branch structure from our other trees, but i love its height and overall shape.

lightly flocked tree and bow decorations

This tree is flocked, but I'd consider it to be more "dusted" with snow and glitter, not truly fully flocked. The tips an branches are a bit more narrow, but it does have pinecones scattered throughout too helping with the realism.

lightly flocked tree and bow decorations

After Christmas last year I simply put all these bows away in a gallon zip bag as they were and brought them back out ready to hang. It took no more than 5 minutes to decorate this year! Plus, since all this ribbon was from my grandma's collection I have to think she would have loved this tree.

The Fully Flocked Pretty and Glitzy Mom Tree

This tree is my personal favorite and the one I started calling the "mom tree" after i embraced the "family tree." It's loaded from head to toe. It's a fully flocked premium tree from Earl May and the difference in brance structure and fullness is night and day from the Walmart tree. It takes longer to "fluff" each year, but it's so worth it.

flocked tree and gold decorations

Thick and beautiful, it holds all of my glitzy decorations, and faith/nativity inspired ornamanets.

flocked tree and gold decorations

That wraps up the tour of our current big 3 artificial trees! Though i'm thinking it's time for a bedroom tree... falling asleep to the twinking lights sounds simply lovely. Who agrees?


Need a Christmas fix? Here's what we used:


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