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Our Pretty Pink Little Girls Room

It’s only fitting that we share Miss Abbey’s pretty pink bedroom today - it’s her birthday weekend! After sharing about all our initial clean out and prep work, we’re finally getting to the fun interior decorating stuff!

The minute we heard “it’s a girl” at her 20 week ultrasound, I bought pink paint for her nursery. I wanted to go all-in with girlie glam, but buy her decorations she could grow with and mature into. Enter my favorite color combo: black, white and pink. With accents of gold of course. It’s feminine, it’s bold, it’s sweet, it’s strong, it’s smart and it’s got attitude. It basically sums up Abbey.

white crib pink room
Abbey's Crib from Way Back When at the Old House

The week of our move, we sent the kids off to grandma and grandpa’s house so we could do last-minute packing and moving without two mini-tornados under our feet. We were going to get an extra day in the new house before they came home, so I decided I wanted to focus on getting their rooms DONE before they arrived. I wanted them to come home and feel at home, and get a couple new fun surprises! I’ll share what we did with Hank’s room soon, but here’s what Abbey’s room looked like before.

green bedroom
Bright Green Bedroom with Multi-colored Pastel Fan Blades (Listing photo)

We are blessed with a big village of family who live within just a couple miles including my parents, siblings and aunt and uncle, all who offered to come help clean and paint in various shifts to help us get the kids rooms done. So we got a lot of free labor (I did pay them in Chick-fil-A and pizza) and got to work.

I picked out and purchased Abbey’s room paint before we moved. I chose a pretty pink paint from Behr called Rosewater. Her room at the old place was pretty close, but this paint had a little deeper hue. The room is significantly bigger than her old room which was a welcome change - she had the smallest room before, so I underestimated the amount of paint it’d take to cover the lime green and ended up needing to get a second gallon.

Once the paint was dry, it was time to get decorating. Abbey’s surprise for her new room was this set of super cute little shiny gold wall decals that I found on Etsy. I loved how they looked like they were freehand painted. My sister offered to come help, and she’s an art therapist so I thought she’d be the perfect person to help me arrange and apply them in a "random" pattern. They give off a wallpaper vibe which is kind of fun!

pink wall gold heart decals
Love the sheen on these little gold hearts! Doesn't hurt that her dollhouse blends right in! ;)

We had most of her decorations before, but I found new ways to use them here. Her tassels used to be over her changing table when she was a baby (the girl loved them!). We got her a twin daybed with a roll-out trundle for space saving and future sleepovers, but let's be real - we've all slept on that a night or two. Loved the black iron gate look of this and how it pops off the pink.

Tassels growing up right along with her!

We love cube storage in this house. Her cube storage used to house baby blankets and linens, but a couple new bins and baskets from Target now contain all her toys and a small selection of books. Her quilt was handmade by her aunt (she says with a little help from uncle, too!)

I did add a couple cute girly accessories I found at Hobby Lobby to expand her wall decor collection a bit, but we had most of these! (Her brother’s room got a major Hob Lob explosion so I HAD to get something for sis!)

Abbey's Girly Collage

Hobby Lobby is always my first stop for misc. wall decor!
{"One shoe can change your life" -Cinderella} - Truth! Fun fact: I got this little sign in college!

This room just BEGS to have a small glitzy chandelier but we haven’t lived through a full Iowa summer in this house so I’m not ready to ditch the fan yet. We were lucky that we found a box of spare fan parts in the closet and my mom and sister were brilliant enough to suggest flipping the fan blades around since they were white on the other side (pastel multi-color shown above in the original picture) to blend in better with the decor.

Might just be my favorite room in the house… for now!

Need a Fix-up? Here’s what we used:

Shop-able Furniture and Decor:

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