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Painted Kitchen Table & Chairs: One Year Later

If you're new here, check out our blog post from a while back when we shared how I took a $125 oak kitchen table set we found on Facebook Marketplace and painted it to give it new life, and give us a kitchen table shortly after we moved here. This was the first time I had painted a piece of furniture with such high daily use (abuse) and traffic, so I wanted to give you a quick one-year update to show how it's holding up.

Here's what it looked like on the Marketplace Listing.

And after a new paint job! After sanding and priming, I used Sherwin Williams High Gloss Enamel Paint without any sealers.

painted kitchen table and chair furniture
One Year Ago - with unpainted trim on the walls still!

How It's Holding Up - One Year Later

Overall, it has really stood up really well! Especially for the daily use, daily wash-downs and daily bangs from backpacks, dishes and toys.

There were a few places here and there that started to chip off. Mainly, the sharp edges of the chair back spindles...

painted kitchen table and chair furniture

the edges of the top of the table...

painted kitchen table and chair furniture

and the feet of the table where the black chairs and shoes bump against it.

painted kitchen table and chair furniture

But that's really it! From a far, it really wasn't too bad. If I wasn't so OCD, I probably would have let this go another year. But you guys know me better than that by now!

With the kids at grandmas for a couple of days, I gave the old paint cans a good stir and hit all these spots with a couple quick coats. I also did a light coat overtop of all of the surfaces while I was at it.

painted kitchen table and chair furniture

I thought I might try to add a sealer this time to see if it can buy me more than a year, but I talked with the employee at Sherwin Williams and she said that paint really doesn't need it and it wasn't something she recommended. So, I dropped the idea and just tried to give these a little extra drying time before use.

I still love the look of the white table, but it's not the best for having little kids. It's a marker magnet. As much as I can I try to keep Abbey's coloring and writing to the counter, but without fail there is always some sort of writing instrument on the top of the table... weekly.

It was the right price so we're going to hang onto it for a while, but I don't think this is a forever fix for our kitchen table.



Get the how-to on our original painted kitchen table and chairs blog post here.

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