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Quick Fix: In-drawer Knife Block for More Counter Storage

So I've been wanting to get an air fryer for a long time but I just haven't been able to bite the bullet on a small kitchen appliance that will need a home on my counter. But the more I talk to people who have already drank the air fryer koolaid, the more I have been motivated to make room. To rationalize the purchase, I decided if I could replace my toaster with an all-in-one air fryer that had toaster capabilities then I would in theory not be adding an appliance. To further make room, I figured I could also reconfigure what kitchen utensils are stored on the counter and what gets stored in the drawers below.

toaster and knife block on the counter

In-Drawer Knife Block

With the toaster out of the picture, I needed one more counter sacrifice. It was either my cooking utensils or the knives. As soon as I found this in-drawer knife block, that sealed the deal. Adios knives.

in drawer knife block in the box

Our top drawer was mostly just random utensils so with some crafty maneuvering, I was able to combine two drawers of utensils into one to make some space.

messy drawer of kitchen utensils

If you're going to move your knives to the drawer, be sure to measure the inside footprint of your drawers. I saw lots of options out there, but of varying sizes for varying sized drawers. The knife block is made of bamboo and the pieces come out for easy cleaning.

in drawer knife block without knives in it

It perfectly held our 16-knife set, plus had space for the sharpener. It didn't fully fill my drawer so I even had room for two pairs of kitchen shears.

in drawer knife block with knives in it

With the toaster and knife block out of the picture, our utensil crocks and seasonings swapped spots on the counter leaving a space on the other side for our new air-fryer-toaster-oven-cook-all-the-things-huge-but-mini-counter-appliance. Now to figure out how to use it. I'm hopeful this little gadget helps the kids become a little more self sufficient this summer. We shall see!

view of kitchen showing some and sink with air fryer on counter


Need a kitchen gadget fix? Here's what we used:

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