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Quick Fix: Our New Washer and Dryer

Just when we thought we were going to mostly be chasing water problems in the house, our appliances decided they were feeling left out. Enter: our laundry room. Our washer and dryer are pretty old. Maybe not original, but at least 15 years old.

laundry room with old white washer and dryer

Our dryer went out shortly after we moved in and luckily that fix was under our home warranty. That bought us a few more years of laundry, but it went out again last month. We fixed it, but kept having problems. We just dont have it in us to schedule and solve these problems in couple hundred dollar increments, and taking laundry home to do at mom and dad's house is "so 2003" so we made the deicision to get a new washer and dyer set.

Speed Queen Washer and Dryer

I was talking with a neighbor about her appliacne problems and she recommended I look into the Speed Queen brand. I had never heard of this, and that's beacuse they are a commercial brand you find in laundromats. But the company decided to make a couple residential models that are made "like they used to."

warners stellian truck with washer and dryer on lift

I think her quote was something like "They're ugly, but they work!" That's literally all I wanted. If they're good enough for a laundromat, they're good enough for me. They have a seven year warranty, and should last a good 25. Here's hoping!

speed queen washer

We found these locally at Warners Stellian and after reviewing our whopping three options, picked one of the newer models that had an electronic display with a few more settings. The all-black models were available faster than the white, so we went for it.

black speed queen washer and dryer

Since moving to this house four years ago, I've missed the "delay start" feature we had on our old machines where I could throw a load in the morning but program it to run shortly before I returned home to limit how long clothes sit wet in the washer once done. Love having this feature back.

looking across top of washer and dryer

The black machines are pretty cool, but they make me feel like I need to do something a little more moody in here to blend them in more. Add that on the project list... but not until we solve our next dilemma. Seven days after we bought the set, our oven went out. Told you the appliances were feeling left out! #housedonemandead

black speed queen washer and dryer

Need a laundry fix? Here's what we got:


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