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Tips for Seeding and Maintaining Your Lawn

My grass around the entire yard has filled in pretty well after we started rehabbing from the pool construction. However, I've noticed that along the concrete deck, it has struggled due to the natural settling of dirt.

dirt settling along side of patio

To ensure a balanced yard for future use, I've intentionally avoided putting a lot of grass seed near the pool. I've been adding dirt to level it with the cement around the pool. Last summer, we had to tear up the entire yard, not just because of the big trucks but also to install a completely new sprinkler system. Building a pool involves such processes. To save costs, I chose seeding over sodding. I'm also quite particular about the type of seed I use, aiming for a uniform green look.

new topsoil along edge of patio

Choosing the Right Grass Seed

When it comes to seeding or overseeding, I always make sure to use quality grass seed. My go-to choice is Earl May's Marvel seed, which is mainly a mix of Kentucky Blue Grasses. Remember, it's important not to skimp on grass seed quality.

zach spreading grass seed

As fall approaches, it's the perfect time to start seeding again. The cooler weather allows for better germination, and you can continue using summer or fall fertilizers with overseeding since they don't contain weed killer. Many people make the mistake of using Weed and Feed simultaneously with grass seed, which hinders its growth and leads to failure. Avoid using crabgrass preventer and weed and feed when putting down grass seed. Right now is the ideal time to sow your seed. The last step is to water it. You don't need to water it deeply, but keeping the soil moist is best. Personally, I run all my sprinkler heads for a couple of minutes in the morning and at night to maintain moisture.

zach raking dirt for planting grass seed

Fertilizing for a Green Lawn

I just got done using Earl May's Summer Lawn Food as my fertilizer. It's packed with nitrogen, iron, and sulfur, ensuring a lush green yard throughout the summer. The best part is that you can use it for overseeding or to fill in grassless spots. Because it has iron in it, it will stain your concrete so you must blow it off the concerete before watering.

fertilizer spreader with lawn food in it

Involving the Family

Involving my daughter in the process has been a fun bonding experience. She has become my helping buddy when it comes to filling in grassless patches. It's a simple project for kids to assist with. We start by laying some topsoil and then mix in the grass seed, ensuring it covers the soil. It's a great way to get the whole family involved in maintaining our yard.

abbey helping to plant grass seed

Before and After

Here is the before and after progress and the transformation of the side yard from fall to spring to now:

Still have work to do up along the new plant beds and patio but we're getting much closer to having our yard back!

side yard with grass growing in, dirt along plant bed

Achieving a beautiful and balanced yard requires careful attention to seeding, fertilizing, and maintenance. By using quality grass seed like Earl May's Marvel, avoiding the use of weed killers during overseeding, and following proper watering techniques, you can get a green and healthy lawn. Don't forget to involve your family in the process, making it a fun and educational experience for everyone.

One Final Before and After

And here's the side yard from last fall to now!


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