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Apply Summer Lawn Food and Grub Control Now, Plus a Quick Summer Lawn Tip

Like I told you in the previous lawn posts, we're behind on the normal lawn program schedule due to the weather, so that's why I'm applying both the summer lawn food and grub control lawn program steps at the same time this year. You can read last year's individual summer lawn food and grub control blogs for more information about each of these products and steps. But for this year, I'm applying these at the same time.

Summer Lawn Food

Summer Lawn Food is full of nitrogen and iron and it will turn your yard green - giving it a uniform green color. My yard has a lot of different patches of grass because I've been killing weed patches and growing new grass, so this will help make the yard look more uniform.

Earl May Summer Lawn Food

Grub Control

For the Grub Control, something a lot of people don't know is that grubs eventually turn into Japanese beetles. If you hate Japanese beetles, then you've got to get the grub killer down. Grubs also eat roots of your grass leaving your yard looking dead and other animals will destroy your grass from the top trying to get to the grubs to eat them.

Earl May Season Long Grub Control

Applying the Two Lawn Applications Together

The summer lawn food and grub control are technically two different steps, but because of how they both have to be applied, you can apply them on top of each other. This is a great step to put on if you see rain in the forecast because you will need to water it in. But, unlike the weed and feed, make sure grass is dry when this goes on. I applied these in the late afternoon. Here's how to apply both at the same time.

Mow First

Before I put these down, I always mow first. This way I know that I can let the fertilizer sit without disturbing it. I often see when people hire this done they don't think to align the mowing with the lawn application people and the mow right over the fertilizer and chop the grass all up.

Apply Grub Control

I put the Grub Control down first. Follow the instructions on the bag for what to set your fertilizer spreader at and walk the lawn starting with the edges first.

Grub Control in Spreader

Apply Summer Lawn Food

Then, repeat with with the Summer Lawn Food following the setting instructions on the bag.

Summer Lawn Food in Spreader

Blow off Cement then Water Good

Because of the iron in the lawn food, make sure you blow it off your driveway, sidewalk and any patios with your leaf blower. You don't want to get that wet on cement or it will rust. After you're sure you've blown off the sidewalks, water the lawn and soak it all in. I run my sprinkler both the night I put it on and again in the morning to make sure you really get the grub killer deep to the roots. One, to kill the grubs. Two, to feed the roots of the grass with the lawn food.

Sprinkler Head Watering the Lawn

Keep Pets Off

Keep your pets off of the grass after this application for a couple days. The double watering will help, but I try to walk the dog for a day or two after to make sure he doesn't get both of these in his paws.

Quick Summer Lawn Tip

Now would be a great time to check on the sharpness of your mower blades. If you are seeing fluffy tops to your grass, like split ends, you probably need to sharpen your mower blades.

We've got one more lawn food to put down later this summer. Will let you know when it's time to do that!


Need a lawn fix? Here's what you'll need:

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