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Creating an Organized Garage Entry Drop Zone

Welcome to part two of my mini organization rampage: the garage entry. Similar to my coat closet organization overhaul from last weekend, this area has become a tripping hazard of shoes, soccer balls, kids stuff, you name it. It became a second and sad drop zone organically but usually with muddy or dirtier things than the coat closet.

Existing Entry "Storage"

The only useful element was a 2-cube shelf that was a castaway from inside the house. Thinking it'd work like a bench to put on shoes, the shelf got a quick stint in the garage but it only added to the unorganized chaos. The best redeeming value of this was the well placed ladder hook and a scary looking bug zapper ready for action on the wall. We added the hand rail earlier to help those with knee and leg probs get into the house, and while this isn't the worst current state I could imagine, it needed to work harder for us.

garage entry - messy and unorganized

I wanted to create something easy for the kids to find our "outside" stuff like sunscreen, bug spray, etc. and make this landing zone more useful overall. I set out on the hunt to find something that could serve us not just for muddy shoes and seasonal sports equipment but possibly give us a little more vertical storage.

Using a Bakers Rack for Garage Storage

I researched and considered everything from a simple shelf to mudroom coat racks to lockers but nothing was really giving me the right amount of useable space... until I stumbled on a bakers rack. Sure, it's meant for the kitchen, but bakers racks have shelf storage, some hanging storage and also a small useable top that I could use for quick drops or even as a little potting table. This one from Amazon was a cinch to build.

Garage entry with storage rack organization

Clear Containers with Labels

For storing things like sunscreen and bug spray, I found a set of four clear plastic containers and used the same basket labels I used in our coat closet update. For the other two, I put some summer-ready items that often end up floating around the garage like swim goggles and kids gardening stuff. Hoping having the sunscreen at kid level and visible every time they go out will encourage good sunscreen habits this summer!

garage storage bins and labels

The bottom shelf can stay muddy shoe storage and I found something to contain all the soccer cleats, guards, etc. in... just in time for the season to wrap up of course. :) Two of my existing shoe trays fit under the shelf to catch drips.

Hanging Storage

I also loved that the bakers rack has some hanging storage and came with a few S hooks. Perfect for hanging the kids watering cans and even our marshmallow sticks over on the side. You never know when you'll have a s'mores emergency and these things are always a weird thing to figure out how to store.

hanging storage

Working Table Top

The shelf is a great size overall. Not too big, pretty narrow for getting past with the car pulled in, and the top workbench is so great to have right here at the entry. I've even already used it to repot some hand-me-down plants! Loved being able to stand to do that and not worry about getting anything too dirty.

kiersten potting plant on storage rack

Garage drop zone is officially ready for summer!

garage entry with storage rack organization


Need an organization fix? Here's what we used:

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