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Time for Lawn Care Season and Crabgrass Preventer

Spring is here which means it's time to get going on your lawn. It was an unusually warm winter. So warm that I had a few people reach out in early March to ask if I was putting my crabgrass preventer down early. While we had a lot of warm days, the ground temperature was still pretty frozen so I advised them to wait. Even though the fertilizer can be put down early because it will only break down in warm weather, I always keep an eye on the Iowa State University ground temperature website and make sure to get the fertilizer down before the 4 inch below ground soil temperature gets to close to 50 degrees. As of yesterday, our county is hovering right at 46-47 degrees. LET'S GO!

4 inch soil temp map April 6

Spring Lawn Care Kickoff

Before putting down the lawn food, I decided to mow. Normally I don't mow this early, but we had a lot of sticks and leaves in the yard that needed clean-up and I needed a vacuum.

zach mowing backyard

Because of this, I bagged - but used all the grass clippings to build up some of the plant beds that I will add mulch on top of later.

zach putting grass clippings on mulch bed

I also edged after mowing to clean up all of the sidewalks for a crisp edge. Nothing looks worse when walking the dog than a yard that has grown over the sidewalks.

zach edging the front lawn

After the yard was cleaned up, I put down Crabgrass Preventer with Lawn Food. If you plan to fertilize at all, the crabgrass preventer is a must - plus it has Iron to help get that deep green grass.

zach pouring fertilizer into spreader

Since it's got Iron in it, you must blow off the sidewalk and driveway so the Iron doesn't stain it when it gets wet.

zach blowing fertilizer off driveway

Feels good to get spring - and the green - underway!

front lawn after first mow


Need a lawn fix? Here's what I use:

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