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A Couple No-Tools-Required Kids Bathroom Updates

Updated: Apr 28

The kids bathroom hasn't needed much attention since we moved in and gave it the initial refresh and brother/sister style upgrade. Other than getting a new toilet as part of our big toilet overhaul of 2022, it's weathered the last almost four years pretty well. But, we just hit a big kid milestone I didn't see coming: Hank asked if we could get some new bigger towels - without the animal hoods. I mean that's obviously a fair request, but talk about a mom heartbreak! With that, we also made a few additional updates to help improve some organization - no tools required!

Display Ledges for Extra Kids Bathroom Counter Storage

Not going to be mad about a boy who likes to smell good, but his collection of misc. body products was starting to overtake his side of the bathroom.

hank sink side with toiletries all over

I saw these little Command stick-on display ledges and thought having a little elevated perch may help coral a little bit, while talking him into storing some of the bigger things under the sink.

hank holding 3m command display ledge box

And they did just that. Just big enough to hold a couple essentials, the little display leges were an easy stick-on job that gives just a little more vertical storage off the counter.

command display ledge with toothbrush on wall

Bath Soap and Shampoo Storage

While on the subject of adding more vertical storage, their bath tub was also a mess of products and non-functioning storage. The little container of bath toys has turned into a loofah storage unit. And like the animal towels, it hurt my mom heart a bit to take this out, but baths are out and showers are in. And outside a random loofah free throw now and then, even the tub hoop had seen better days.

messy kids bathtub with soap bottles and loofahs

I found these little suction cup wire baskets on Amazon which looked to have super duper suction power. I also liked the extra hooks to help hang both kids scrubbiest for drying.

black metal suction bath storage baskets

Still trying to brainwash these two - I mean encourage them to love each other. So at least the cute little sign is still sticking around... until they decide they are over the decor as well.

black metal bath suction baskets on tub wall

New Towels and Stick on Towel Hooks

To top off the updates, each of them got a new stick-on hook on the back of their bedroom door for hang drying their towels. Went with a cute little black double-hook for hanging multiple towels, swim suits, etc.

black double command hook

Hank helped me pick out the new non-animal towels. We agreed on these black and white striped cuties from Target to go with their monochromatic theme.

black and white striped Threshold towel

The towel drawer looks so sophisticated now. :(

black and white striped towels lined up in drawer

The towels were not only cute, but even had a little hook sewn into the edge for hanging!

towel hanging on command hook

Wish I could say this hook strategy worked to keep them from throwing towels on the floor every day, but a girl can dream.

wide shot of bathroom with towel hook hanging on back of door

That's it - some big kid upgrades without even breaking a sweat.

h & a metal signs in bathroom with towel on door


Need a bathroom fix? Here's what we used:

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