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Brother Sister Jack-and-Jill Sibling Bathroom

You know the story about Jack and Jill right? I'm pretty sure the untold story is that Jack and Jill shared a small bathroom and were always fighting, so when Jill had her chance, she knocked Jack down but in doing so tripped and went tumbling after. So we were thrilled when we found this house that it had a real Jack-and-Jill bath with double sinks and a separate toilet/shower area with a door (hoping they thank us later for that one). Here's how it looked when we toured it for the first time. Not terrible - neutral cabinets and sinks, standard fixtures, we can work with that.

jack and Jill bath with blue walls
Listing Photo

Along with Abbey's pretty pink girly bedroom and Hank's sporty blue boys bedroom we hauled tail to finish off their "kid complex" right after we moved in by also tackling their bathroom with our village of willing family volunteers. I thought a calming grey may help the clash of the siblings that often unfolds and be a good "palette cleanser" between the blue in Hank's and the pink in Abbey's room. We chose Silver City by Behr for their bathroom.

It's a nice mid-tone gray. To give the cabinets a bit of a personal touch, I swapped the standard silver pulls for black ones to tie into some of the other bathroom necessities I picked up. I think it helps modernize the room a little, buying me time before we probably do a little more work in here some day. The countertops are just a little too creamy for me in here. But the black accessories help add a little cool factor. The tissue boxes I found are actually super cool - they sit sideways with a little tray to set things on top!

brother sister jack and Jill bathroom
Looking at Hank's Side
brother sister jack and Jill bathroom
And looking at Abbey's side

I spent time before the move shopping for some brother-sister style decorations and found the cutest prints on Etsy. (You saw that coming after our dining room decor, right?) Figured now was my chance to start brainwashing them (while washing them!) to appreciate and love each other! For a few bucks, plus another couple by printing on photo paper at Costco, we had kid framed art!

Here's the Sister art: "Sister (noun). A female sibling. The woman with whom you share your childhood, your secrets and your clothes.The only person able to love you, protect you and bother you at the same time."

sister bathroom decor
Abbey's side - Sister Print

And the brother art: "Brother (noun). A male sibling. Always there when you need him, someone who picks you up when you fall, sticks up for you when no one else will, and is always a great friend." This one was a little more positive, but together they're pretty accurate.

brother bathroom art
Hank's brother side

But here's where it get's really cute... I stole this idea from my sister-in-law who had framed prints of her girls' first baths in their bathroom. Can also see the white and black shower curtain I found that gives a little playfulness to a kids' bath but without adding a bunch of color. I felt this color palette and my decor choices could easily be one-and-done that they should be able to grow up right with it.

kid bath decor
Hank and Abbey's First Bath Pictures

Finally, the sweetest (and most brainwash-powered) sign in a large print strategically positioned opposite the toilet:

brother sister bathroom
Sweetest little Brother-Sister bathroom decoration

There we have it folks, a nice neutral brother-sister jack-and-jill bathroom, that hopefully encourages less Jack-and-Jill-pushing-eachother-down-a-hill drama in the future. Fingers crossed!

Need a Fix Up? Here's what we used:

Shop-able decor:

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