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How to Get Rid of Lawn Weeds, Dandelions and Crabgrass

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

After my last post telling you the first step you need to take to get a better lawn, I got lots of questions from several people about weeds popping up in their lawn after they just put Crabgrass Preventer down. Since this is the first spring after moving into our new house, I have lots of bare spots in the yard. Where there are bare spots, weeds will come up. Remember -- the best defense against weeds is by having a thick yard. I don’t have this yet, so I’m going to have lots of weeds. If this is your first year following along with my lawn program, I assume you do too.

I’ve noticed around the neighborhood that dandelions have begun to pop up, and other weeds have started to emerge. You can spot a weed by how different the leaf shape is compared to the surrounding grass. Here are a few weeds that are in my yard right now - clover and the start of dandelions.

I’m going to show you a simple and cheap solution to getting rid of weeds without harming your grass. This only costs around 25 bucks and will last you for years. You should do this in between your steps of the lawn program.

You will need a one-gallon tank sprayer and this concentrate mix. Most people buy the 24-ounce spray bottle. This actually costs more compared to the concentrate. You can get this full bottle of concentrate that will last you for years.

Simply mix 3 ounces of concentrate with a gallon of water and spray away! I walk the yard and if I see a weed, I spray it.

man spraying lawn weed
Sprayer in Action

When spraying, keep your wand close to the ground and try to avoid spraying during windy days. Spray when it’s not going to rain. Two weeks later you can go around and hit the weeds you missed again. You can also hit the weeds in plant beds as well. Just make sure you’re spraying the weed and not your plant. Also, make sure whatever product you buy, that it says kills weeds and not lawns.

lawn weed killing spray
Spray close to the ground

In a few weeks your yard will be ready for the next step in the lawn fertilizer program which will be Weed and Feed. I don’t apply Weed and Feed until after I’ve mowed a few times. If you haven't subscribed to our blog, I encourage you to do that now so that you won't miss when it's time to get ready for the next step of the lawn program. Just enter your name at email address in the form at the bottom of our homepage and you'll be in!

Need a Lawn Fix? Here's what we used:

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