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It's a Grand Old Flag: Our Fourth of July Decor This Year

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Well almost. But the Fourth of July is my second favorite holiday. I love the traditions, the songs, the fireworks, parades, pool parties and family time. And I love decking out the house with a ton of flags and decor. More is more when you're celebrating the U.

Fourth of July Front Porch Outdoor Decor

Not much has changed outside from what we did last year, but I did mix up the front porch a bit with a little extra red white and blue. Our porch plants are SO HAPPY this year.

front porch with large potted ferns

The ferns just love this East morning sun and they've gotten huge. As have the little pink flowering pot. Perfect for anchoring a couple of fabric flags!

front porch flower pots and candle holders with flags sticking out of them

I found this folksy ribbon garland at Party City when browsing for another event so thought I'd see how it looked up front instead of the bunting that I usually use. This would make such an easy craft if you had some favorite fourth fabric.

front porch with flags sticking out of ferns and festive garland above door

A couple extra flags and a bunch of red white and blue ribbon and our porch is an Americana explosion,

front porch with flags sticking out of ferns and festive garland above door

Fourth of July Outdoor Deck Decor

Nothing new out back compared to what we used to decorate last year. Flag bunting is my all time favorite July 4 decor but i haven't figured out how to make it look best out front so we lean into it on the deck railing.

back deck with July 4 bunting and garland

Paired with a flag garland along the back, our deck is ready to celebrate.

back deck with July 4 bunting and garland

Here's hoping we get these blue skies on the fourth of July!

back deck with July 4 bunting and garland

For a couple finishing touches... little baby flags lining the patio.

July 4 bunting on deck with small flags stuck in mulch by patio

And more medium stick flags in the pots on the deck.

flag sticking out of pot

Inside Fourth of July Decor

We keep it pretty simple inside. Rather than a pretty little landscape print on our Frame TV, we go full flag. Got this vintage looking flag art "print" for the TV on Etsy.

living room with flag art on frame tv

One last flag garland for good measure - the same that we hang out back we hang in the kitchen.

flag garland above doorway to sunroom

A Final Salute

We hope you have a star spangled fourth! And amongst it all, we hope you take a minute to slow down to remember and reflect that freedom isn't free. We salute those who have served this country and are forever grateful for the sacrifices they and their families made for us all. We pray that as a country we can strive for more unity. Because that which unites us is greater than that which divides us. We're better together. Find someone you disagree with and get to know them better. Do something nice for someone else. And thank a veteran. UNITED we stand. U! S! A!

flag garland above doorway to sunroom with flag on frame tv in living room


Need a FOURTH fix? Here's what we used:

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