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Our New Primary Bathroom Shower

Would you believe that we haven't showered since November... in our actual primary bathroom!? Bahaha I think I'm about ready to rename this blog "watch us chase water problems." because that's exactly what happened here. Our shower in the primary bathroom started to have what looked like a little hairline crack on the floor last fall. The crack got bigger into November and then the weekend after Thanksgiving I found water stains trickling down our living room wall which sealed the deal that the little crack was actually a big problem.

primary bathroom tub and shower area

We were deep in the basement rebuild project when we discovered this leak and I just couldn't stomach another reno, especially with the holidays. So we've been showering in our guest bathroom since. I finally had enough of showering down the hall after nearly three months, and decided to hire this job out to get us to the finish line closer. Plus, plumbing is not our specialty. We chose to work with Reese Builders, who we hired to do some of the trim and doors work in the basement.

shower is leaking sign on shower door

I've never loved this shower and it's the highest trafficked bathroom item we have in our house - for some reason the kids think this is their shower too. It had one pathetic tiny corner ledge for holding literally a bar of soap, and a seat, so we had a tension mounted shelf for soap for four that took up the rest of the left side of the shower.

old shower with floor crack

Our primary bathroom has been on my project list since we moved in - just needed a good paint job and some cosmetic updates after we took down some town bars and mirrors that left some big drywall patches. Well, enter more drywall patching. Before we got started, we did consider making some larger changes to the bathroom. But with the current layout, window placement, etc., we weren't going to be able to gain much without MAJOR overhaul so we decided to simply repair the shower and leave bigger changes for another day.

walls with insulation where the shower was removed

We decided the ROI is really not worth it in our bathroom to do much more than replace the shower with a similar one. We went cheap and quick, and picked another shower insert. But one with as many shelves for soap as we could find!

primary bathroom shower being installed

Amazing how much bigger this shower seems without the seat taking up so much floor space too.

primary bathroom shower with soap ledges

Since EVERYONE thinks this bathroom is theirs, we opted for fully frosted doors for a little more privacy. We had the dark colored glass before with just looked dingy.

primary bathroom shower with frosted doors

Finally, FIVE months later, we are showering again! Still need to paint in here - especially now that we have new drywall that needs blended in. Maybe I'll finally get around to checking the rest of this room off the list!

primary bathroom shower with door open


Need a bathroom fix? Here's what we used:


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