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The New Kitchen Table

Before we get to it, can I just say that I love that I'm not writing about the basement! Feels so good to have that all wrapped up. Well, I guess technically I'm only sharing this update because we moved our kitchen table down to make a basement game room... oh well. Close enough!

Here she was - our cheap Facebook Marketplace wood table that I painted right after we moved in. I couldn't bring myself to adding more wood tones to this house at that time because we were engulfed by all of the orangey oak millwork in the house.

painted black and white kitchen table and chairs

We moved our kitchen table downstairs as soon as it was ready for it - even before I had a new one purchased. Figured that would motivate me to get a new one figured out quick. It did, but we were without a kitchen table for a few weeks. George and the kids loved running through the house a full speed without the roadblock. And yes we kept some of our Christmas decorations up until February! ;)

empty kitchen space with round rug

Kitchen Table Assembly

I ordered our new table and chairs from Wayfair, and they arrived pretty quick all things considered - in about a week and half. My best helper and I were able to put everything together in one evening.

abbey and kiersten assembling the table

Love that Abbey is always up for doing the hard things with me. Plus as she grows, she's actually helping shave time off these projects!

abbey screwing together table base

The assembly wasn't too difficult, and the construction of the table was really well made. We needed Zach's help though at one point when the weighted base parts needed moved in. I could barely carry them! This table is not moving anywhere!

abbey with table base weight

Our New Kitchen Table and Chairs

I really struggled with what to get when shopping. I knew we wanted a round table and I was drawn to the new modern wood pedestals. While we've made a ton of effort lightening the house up by painting all the trim and doors, the kitchen itself is still dark and heavy. Ultimately I decided to get what I wanted since I wasn't paying Facebook Marketplace prices. At some point the kitchen will either be painted, or remodeled, or both, but one thing at a time.

modern wood pedestal kitchen table with cream leather chairs

The diameter of the table is about 6 inches wider that the table we had before, so we can easily add a fifth chair if needed when filling the house with guests. The old rug still works with the legs of the chairs - but just barely! Ideally I'd like to have little more carpet behind them so when you're sitting at the table the chair legs are still on the rug.

modern wood pedestal kitchen table with cream leather chairs

We picked the chairs to complement the ones we have at the counter - they're leather-like so easily wipeable for spills, but light colored to keep this space feeling a little lighter while adding the wood tone back in.

modern wood pedestal kitchen table with cream leather chairs

The tone is definitely on the oaky side, but lighter and more of a white oak/natural wood color compared to the stained floor. Our floor is in serious ned of a refinish and reseal, so hoping we can lighten it up a bit at some point.

wood grain table top looking down to floor

So far we've been very happy with this set. It has a nice modern look while still fitting in well with our more traditional house surroundings.

modern wood pedestal kitchen table with cream leather chairs

Plus, like most DIY and assembly projects, the pride of accomplishment is a great thing to share and instill in our little miss. She's pretty proud of her assembly job!

abbey smiling sitting at  new kitchen table


Need a kitchen table fix? Here's what we got:


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