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Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Table Shortcuts

Thanksgiving is almost here and if you're hosting the big meal this year and looking for some last minute, quick and easy table decor inspiration, you've come to the right place! Last year I hosted my very first big Thanksgiving gathering at our new house and if I'm being honest, I'm always looking for a few shortcuts to simplify hosting without sacrificing style. Funny thing is, when we were getting married and registering for gifts, I felt it entirely necessary to register for a full set of fine china and silverware. And we made sure to get 10 whole place settings. Fast forward 15 years, and I've used those place settings less than 10 times.

Thanksgiving Table Place Settings and Decor

We love having all the family over, and are blessed to have so many nearby. But when the gang's all together, we're easily hosting a crowd of 20 or more. So, I've learned to prioritize my time to the things that matter and look for shortcuts like disposable table settings so I'm not spending all my time after the meal in the sink. But for Thanksgiving, I wanted things to feel a little extra so I found some great ways to turn the table up a notch.

Pre-Rolled Gold Plastic Cutlery

These may be one of my most favorite hosting hacks I've found - ever! I love when people ask "how did you make these!?" and my answer can be - "I just made it happen!" These silverware come pre-rolled and ready to pull out of the box. Game changer.

Thanksgiving Table Place Settings and Decor

Extra-Big Festive Paper Plates

Not just any paper plate can handle a Thanksgiving meal, but these cute plaid fall ones are slightly overside and heavy duty. So not only are they cute and festive, but they can handle the amount of gravy Zach puts on his plate.

Thanksgiving Table Place Settings and Decor

Paper Table Coverings Dressed Up a Notch

Since we had more than 20 for dinner, I had three tables in three different rooms to prep. I wanted everything to feel similar from room to room while also being practical. I used

plain white paper table cloths. They get ruined quick but that's the point. I think they read a little closer to fabric than plastic too. Rolling with the gold theme, I dressed these up a bit with a pretty gold fabric runner. Kids got into the game and helped sprinkle confetti which was an impulse buy from Hobby Lobby.

Thanksgiving Table Place Settings and Decor

Centerpiece Decor

I scrounged around the house for a variety of different vases, candles, greenery and other fall knick knacks to layer in. I had most everything stashed away but bought a few extra fall vase fillers to layer in that I could keep and reuse in years to come.

Thanksgiving Table Place Settings and Decor

A Couple Special Surprises

Since I saved so much effort by using ready to go, disposable tableware, I put my planning energy into finding some extra special add-ons.

Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

There's nothing I love more than a solid charcuterie board and I fully support all these small businesses that are popping up that turn meat and cheese into artwork. A local charcuterie co, Kylie's Charcuterie Creations made this special Thanksgiving board.

Thanksgiving Table Place Settings and Decor

And while no Thanksgiving is complete without pumpkin pie, I got these sweet little pie and fall shaped mini cookies for the kids (and kids at heart) from local home baker Yum-E Cookies.

Thanksgiving Table Place Settings and Decor

Speaking of kids, we got each of the littles their own reusable lidded cup to help control spills. These were from Hobby Lobby.

Thanksgiving Table Place Settings and Decor

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And I hope it goes without saying, while this post was all about what's on the table, the real blessings are who you've got with you around yours.


Need a quick Thanksgiving table fix?

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