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Quick Lawn Tip: How to Get Rid of Weeds Before the Next Lawn Application

What do you do after you put down Crabgrass Preventer and your lawn is coming in but you are seeing weeds like dandelions? Spot spray them! Crabgrass Preventer prevents crabgrass... not weeds like clover, dandelions and others.

I try to get to them before they look like this

In a few weeks we will put down the next step in the lawn program, Weed and Feed, which will take care of most of the weeds. To have the nice green lawn you need to spread out your applications and put your fertilizer down at the right time so if you just put down Crabgrass Preventer, resist the urge to put the next step down even if your neighbor says to. Right now with all the rain and the warmer weather finally arriving, all kinds of weeds are going to start popping up. If you watch what good lawn companies do in between applications, they spot spray with this technique.

dandelion weed
Here's one just getting started

Getting rid of all these weeds while the grass is growing and getting thick will do wonders for you over the next six months of your yard. And it's super simple. I shared this last year about this time too and I know a lot of you saw a lot of success with this!

clover weeds
This one's gotta go too

What you will need:

Just two things- buy a One-Gallon Sprayer and a bottle of Weed and Feed Concentrate, and you will be good to go. Right now is the best time to get all these weeds killed. If you let the weeds go, they will spread and seed into more. Do not use RoundUp! That is a product that will kill your grass.

bottle of lawn weed and crabgrass killer

The reason you will want to get the pump sprayer and the concentrate is it will save you tons of money in the long run. You can get pre made weed killer in its own bottle. However, with concentrate you can get dozens of bottles for free.

Here's what to do:

When you are going to have 24 hours of dry weather, walk around your yard and plant beds looking for weeds and spray every weed-looking thing in your yard. Follow the instructions on the bottle to mix up a batch of weed killer. Keep the sprayer hose low, and don’t spray your plants or trees. Simply spray the weed and walk away. After a week or so, the weeds will die. You can leave them there and mow over them if in your grass. Or if they are in your plant beds and really obvious and ugly, you can pull them out. Make sure you get as much root out as you can. I usually just leave them where they are and let them compost in.

Need a Lawn Fix? Here's what we used:

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