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Before and After Pool Construction: Aerial Drone Shots

Alright, I know I said last week that we were done with pool construction! You were probably expecting my next blog to be about painting something else white, or changing another light fixture, but as much as I know you're excited to get back to reading about those projects, or watching Zach do yard work, I had to share a few final wrap up shots!

We had way too much fun this week creating some before and after reels with the kids, so if you're not following us on Instagram or YouTube to see those, hop over and check them out! But I saved the really good stuff for you guys!

Bird's Eye View - Aerial Drone Shots

From our initial sketches to seeing it turn into construction drawings and 3D renderings, we've been envisioning this change to our yard from the bird's eye view for a long, long time! So, we had to get a real look at it from above! Good news is my dad is a gear guy and owns a drone so I talked him and the kids into having a little fun with me to create some before and afters!


It was a scorching day in August with temps over 100 degrees when we started. You can tell how dry the grass was getting around the edges. Zach had mowed down the grass in the area we thought the pool was going to be in to help us visualize it (and so he didn't have to water as much.)

Aerial shot of backyard before pool construction

During Construction

About midway through the build, we fired the drone up to check it out before they laid concrete. It was the first really eye opening moment to see just how much of the yard was gone!

Aerial shot of backyard pool during construction


We considered the project done after the last big piece we had to hire out was wrapped - which was the fence. We have a lot of repair, planting and furnishing to do, but will be tackling that ourselves.

Aerial shot of backyard pool when complete

Thinking a drone should be on my Christmas list!

Let's Put it All Together

I posted this on Instagram, but think it's worthy of a permanent spot on the blog. Hope you enjoy this before and after drone video as much as I enjoyed editing it together! It's really become a happy place.

I've got one more final wrap-up video to share, so keep an eye out! But I won't let too much time... lapse... if you catch my drift!




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Thanks for stopping by!

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