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Quick Fix: Telling Pool Time With the Biggest Outdoor Clock

Happy MDW! It's the unofficial start to summer and it's about time. Actually, that's what this quick blog is all about - TIME! The question that gets asked most when people are in the pool is "What time is it!?" Not that anyone really wants to know, and the answer "it's 5'oclock somewhere" is usually a good one, but for those who don't want to get their phone wet or a thick watch band tan line, we thought it'd be helpful to put a clock outside visible from the pool.

backyard pool and patio

The Biggest Outdoor Clock

I started shopping for outdoor clocks, and found a whole bunch of different options, but decided we needed to go BIG so that people could actually read it while floating in the pool. I found a 30" diamater clock on Amazon and thought that sounded like a great size. It came really quickly on Prime and was a cinch to hang once we decided on a spot. The box was a little banged up but no harm inside.

delivery box with punctures

We've got a great spot for it above our grill on the deck, but I was worried that we may melt the thing when grilling so I landed on putting it over on the back of the house by our pool equipment.

outdoor wall clock above pool equipment

There's a bit of concrete at the back of the quipment pad to put a ladder, making it easy to access for changing batteries. Plus, we're contemplating adding a little shade structure on the corner of the patio over our sectional so this will hopefully still be visibile if we do that.

Outdoor wall clock

Design-wise, there were options with numbers and Roman numerals. I liked the classic look and style of the numerals but thought the numbers would be easier for the kids to read.

outdoor wall clock on back o house

The black frame and gold hands are a cute combo. So now if "it's 5'oclock somewhere" really isnt a good enough answer to "what time it is?," we've got reality covered. It's officially summer TIME!

outodoor wall clock behind tree


Need a time fix? Here's what we got:

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