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Hanging and Finishing the Basement Drywall

When the water mitigation and demo happened back in March after the flood when the sump pump went out, they tore out everything approximately 3 foot from the floor and down. I'm happy to report that since our first big renovation update, we officially have WALLS again! Drywall is done!

Basement during water mitigation

To save money, with major help from my uncle, we decided to replace insulation and hang the drywall ourselves, but hire out the taping, mudding finishing and texture matching. Thanks to the precision and detail oriented nature of my construction handy uncle, Zach and Gary spent many nights and weekends cutting and hanging drywall. We've been living in a lot of drywall dust for about a month.

Kierstens Uncle hanging drywall

A plumber installed a new shower so we could repair the drywall in the bathroom. He also recommended protecting the floor of the shower with packing blankets so that drywall dust and debris doesn't get down the drain.

bathroom with new drywall and shower

And our workout room with sump pump closet got patched back up as well.

workout room with new drywall hung

The guys did a great job - and even got complimented by the drywallers when they arrived to finish! I'm sure they've walked into many hack jobs before. I asked "were you nervous?" and they gave me a straight-up "oh yeah."

Rocketpatch drywall guy finishing drywall

We hired Rocketpatch Drywall to do the taping, mudding and texturing to match the new drywall with the old existing textured drywall. They did the lower wall matching along with he new ceiling areas that were created when we removed two walls.

rocket patch drywall guy finishing walls

Taping and mudding took a day, and then they did the finishing a second full day. It's truly an art matching and blending drywall texture! Absolutely no way we would have been able to do this. It also gets EVERYWHERE.

basement workout room after drywall finishing

The place already looks much closer to normal without seeing the studs on the bottom!

Basement living room after drywall finishing

We're cranking this reno into overdrive with the holidays coming up, so painting is the next big job to DIY and we're already well underway! Stay tuned.

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