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Installing New Wall Sconces

After my "junior electrician training" when we installed the outdoor wall light fixtures, I felt pretty confident that I could tackle some more and decided to move on and wire new wall sconces in our entry. We had to take them off to paint, and I really didn't want to put them back on. This house is only 20 years old, but those things felt even more dated... not a good "vintage" old, but a stuck in the 80s/90s old. They were a creamy porcelain shell-like shape that pushed light up. I just threw them away when I took them off the walls which was long before I had something to replace them with.

old wall sconces
Old Entry, Stair and Upper Hall Wall Sconces (Listing photo)

Wall sconces are a funny category of lighting I've really never explored before. There are a lot of cute ways to use sconces in bathrooms, vanities, etc. but I didn't see a lot of inspiration online for more broad coverage like we have them. After some searching, I landed on these from Home Depot.

wall sconce
Wall Sconce from Home Depot

I liked how the antique gold paired with black felt classic but modern. I also liked the candlestick design with the clear modern globe. They could be installed both pointing up or down, so I liked knowing I had some flexibility. Plus, they were pretty cheap - so for not a lot of money, I could make an impact.

I called my electrician (cough-dad-cough) to come watch me do the first one (I thought I could handle it but wanted one more "junior electrician" session before I went solo.) He gave me a passing grade, then I got to work on the rest! Final flip of the breaker box, and we had light!

wall sconce
New Wall Sconces All Lit Up!

entry with wall sconces
Fresh Walls, Fresh Lights - Things are coming together!

I like the character of these and how they give a nod to the past but fit with the current, and provide a more even light coverage up the stairs. They're a softer alternate to using the bright can lighting in the ceiling all the time. These lights would be really cute in a bathroom, near a bar or in a bedroom too.

Need a Fix Up? Here's what we used:


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