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Lawn Season's Back: Time to Apply Crabgrass Preventer

Spring is finally coming so it's time to get the lawn program started back up and put down your crabgrass preventer.

bag of earl may crabgrass preventer

If you've followed along with me on my lawn for the last couple years, you know we were a little off schedule last year with the pool construction project doing so much damage to my lawn.

damaged area of lawn needing grass seed

We were REALLY off schedule last fall after the pool so I didn't even put my last step of Fall Lawn Food down until mid-DECEMBER. Pretty sure it had snowed a time or two even. I didn't want to blog about it to give bad advice, but it still seemed to do its job. You can tell my grass is coming in greener than my neighbors'.

greener lawn growing in

It's Time to Put Down Crabgrass Preventer

Check out my very first lawn blog post to read about why I recommend the Earl May lawn program and why I think it’s the best for lawns in the Midwest:

Even if you're not chasing a perfect lawn like me, if you do nothing else, you should at least put down Crabgrass Preventer to help stop crabgrass from germinating in the first place and limit spreading.

zach pouring crabgrass preventer into spreader

I am going to put down more grass seed shortly in the backyard around the pool and the side yard that was damaged during construction so I'm going to try to keep the crabgrass preventer away from those areas.

area near pool needing more grass

Crabgrass preventer will also prevent your new grass seed from germinating so you don't want to seed right after you put down the crabgrass.

zach walking behind spreader

My goal is to really get my grass growing again this year. With the pool I don't have as much ground to cover anymore, but I will have to do some extra watering this summer.


Need a lawn fix? Here's what I use:

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