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Pool Construction Before and After: Time Lapse

Alright, alright - I promise this is the last pool construction post. Especially because as I am writing this, they are shutting the pool down for winter. But even though we already shared the drone aerial shot before and afters, I couldn't call it a wrap without sharing one last "before and after." Though I guess this is technically more of a "during." :)

kids on floats in pool

We installed another Arlo security camera overlooking the backyard before construction began. Thought it'd be good to keep an eye on things during development but it's truly more for the extra safety measure. Since it's installed pretty high up, we got a solar-powered charger so it recharges without having to take it down and plug it in like our other Arlos. Game changer. But we really put the charger to the test during construction especially with all the after-dark work the crew did!

zach in stalling Arlo and solar charger

Though not a "true" timelapse, I worked throughout the last couple months to save down Arlo clips each week showing all the comings and going's. Edited together at super speed, it's fun to look back on everything that happened.

For those of you curious to see the whole project from start to finish, I give you seven weeks of pool construction and related landscaping work in just 4 minutes. ENJOY!

Ok now I promise we'll start talking about more than just pool stuff! Well, for a while.

If you're just tuning in, get caught up on all the pool construction blog posts here:


Need a security fix? Here's what we used:

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