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Lights, Piano, Action - New Chandelier in the Music Room

The kids started taking piano lessons this fall, which has turned our attention back to the front music room... and the last remaining giant ceiling fan in our house.

Abbey practicing piano in music room with old ceiling fan

If you've been following along with us for a while, you know swapping out all the original ceiling fans has been a mission of mine. Living in Iowa we definitely need and appreciate having ceiling fans in certain rooms, but the size and style were really dated. And orange. And you know how I feel about orange. One by one, we're slowing getting a little more out.

Music room with old fan

Swapping the Fan for a Chandelier

Changing out light fixtures is a really very quick way to make a huge design impact. The hardest part usually in these projects is taking down the original fixture. Removing someone else's work, and finding their annoying shortcuts drives me crazy. So I was pleasantly surprised that the ceiling fan came down super smoothly!

Kiersten pointing to ceiling after removing fan

I'm sure the builders put the fan in here originally due to the size of the windows (and the fact that they didn't cover the arched window so the sun shines right in). But I wanted to make this room little more stylish so I decided to lose the fan and add a pretty chandelier. Hardest part of this job was assembling the chandelier itself. It came well boxed and packaged - with all components individually protected and wrapped.

Box of chandelier parts

But individual pieces means lots of pre-assembly. Not hard, just time consuming. The instructions weren't exactly instructions either. Plus I had to individually connect all of the wires together. REALLY prayed hard while doing this that I'd get this right so that I didn't find out once it was hung and the breaker flipped back on that I had a short circuit.

Bottom of chandelier with lots of wires hanging out

Once assembled, it was time to replace the bracket at the ceiling and hang this puppy.

Kiersten on a ladder installing chandelier

The New Chandelier!

Zach helped hold it to figure out how long it should hang - and how much of the extra chain I should cut off - and I eventually needed his help holding it up while I connected the wiring. No photo proof, but Zach gets credit for this project too! ;)

Music room with new black chandelier

With the size of this room and extra tall ceilings, I felt like it could easily handle a large chandelier with a couple layers of lights. Nine bulbs is a lot more than the 2-bulb fixture we had before (especially considering we've had one bulb out for at least a year) so I opted for 40w LED bulbs to not blind everyone when turned on. We don't have a dimmer switch on this outlet but that may be something we add later to further let us mood light.

Pack of 40watr bulbs

The traditional candlestick design blends well with the more traditional bones of this house. And the matte black color gives it a bit more modern of a touch.

Abbey practicing piano in music room with new chandelier

Piano practice is looking a lot brighter!

Abbey practicing piano in music room with new chandelier

Especially at night!

music room with new chandelier lit at night


Need a chandelier fix? Here's what we got:

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