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More Girly Upgrades in Abbey's Pink Room - New Window Treatments and Rug

It's been a while now since we got the kids rooms decorated. Abbey's pretty pink girly bedroom is still one of my favorites but probably because I wish I had a pink room with gold hearts covering the wall. Not sure I could talk Zach into letting me do that to our bedroom...

We jumped into decorating Abbey's room right after we moved in, but I planned to replace her window coverings after I got a few other projects checked off my list.

pretty pink girl bedroom with gold hearts on wall
Abbey's Room Right After we Moved In

New Rug, More Attitude

I got a little sidetracked before tackling the windows though and found this super cute fuzzy animal print rug that I thought would be fun. The carpets in this house are pretty worn, and her room is really spacious, so I thought a fuzzy rug may help the room feel a little more anchored and filled in.

pretty pink bedroom with animal print rug
Love this spunky little rug!

This rug cracks me up, because it gives this room so much more attitude. Attitude isn't something this room needs more of - Abbey's like a mini-teenager already - but it SUPER soft and just so fun.

pretty pink bed with animal print rug
So fuzzy and soft underfoot!

OK, I digress. But that detour from window coverings to animal print rug was worth it. :) Back to the windows.

New Window Treatments

Abbey's got a cute little window nook with a ledge big enough to sit on that juts out from her room. Like I told you when we replaced the window coverings in the dining room, I really prefer blinds over shades - especially honeycomb shades. I like how blinds are more flexible in light control are wipeable to allow for better dusting. HOWEVER, when I started searching for new blinds for the kids rooms, I just fell in love with the idea of a patterned roman shade for their bedrooms. Since she has the nook, it's not a great place to add curtains to give a softer finished look that curtains can provide. So, for Abbey, I found this super sweet pink stripe draped roman shade. It's another shade of pink in another pattern in this room, which I think is fun to keep layering into her very pink room.

Pink striped roman shade
Pink Stripe Roman Shade

I've hung my fair share of blinds and shades, but I usually buy inside mount, not outside mount shades. I wanted to replace the two honeycomb shades with one big roman shade, and chose to do an outside mount covering up the entire window trim. Only problem was, I didn't factor in there is ZERO headroom space above the window because it's built into a nook. This shade needed to be installed with screws holding it in from the top.

installing the blinds
Super flattering angle but here's proof of DIY caught in action - also, like my step stool?! Ha!

This was a problem and one that I tried a variety of different ways to figure out how to get that to work. This may have been the hardest thing - physically balancing on a little chair holding up a big window covering - and mentally trying to figure out how in the heck I was going to secure it. Finally after a lot of frustration, sweating and a few choice words, I just decided to set the blinds on top of the brackets and screw from the bottom. I said a bunch of prayers that it just stays put. For years.

pink girls bedroom
Abbey on Her New Pretty Window Ledge

It really turned out very cute. And, even though it's not a wipeable blind, I LOVE it for her room. This may have opened up my eyes to a whole new category of window treatments. haha I chose a continuous chain pull in hopes that the resident 4 year old would not mess with it too much - it definitely needs an adult to raise and lower it, or someone with a little more height to them.

pink roman shade

While the installation was painful because of my lack of experience and not considering detailed install instructions before I bought this, the fabric is really pretty, and alongside all the cute girly accents, it helps make this room feel more complete.

Shop-able Decor:

Get all of Abbey's room details including shop-able wall accents, furniture, toys and decor on this blog post:


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