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Our Favorite Home Tech Gadgets to Grab on Amazon Prime Day

It's Amazon Prime Day! Or should I say days... you can snatch up some great deals on Amazon through July 12. You know we love a good Amazon find, so thought we'd share some of our favorite home gadgets and gizmos that are on sale! Deals go fast, and sometimes they sell out, so move quick!

Amazon Prime Day Home Tech Favorites

Note: The links we are sharing are affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Hope you find some good deals!

Amazon Prime Membership

First things first. If you don't have an Amazon Prime membership, what are you waiting for? We honestly use it for so much more than shopping, though we love the quick shipping! We love the entertainment and video content you get with Amazon Prime Video - one of Abbey's favorite series is the Give a Mouse a Cookie show based on the book series - it's adorable! But also with Amazon Prime, they make returns simple with a drop-off site at our local Whole Foods where they combine packaging for less material and trucks on the road. I think one of the best perks of Amazon Prime are the extra sales you get on top of other sales on groceries at Whole Foods. Every penny helps! The link below will give you a 30-day free trial!

Echo Dot with Clock Face

If I'm being honest, I was anti-Alexa for a long time. I mean, haven't you watched "Mitchells vs. the Machines"? But then I was persuaded to try it out in the kids room to help with wake-up alarms and reminders, and now we're hooked! These Alexa Echo Dots with the clock face have replace all alarm clocks in our house. They are a source of entertainment and dance parties, and help the kids self-serve by checking the weather before they get dressed. They also connect to their lamp lights which are voice activated and turn on with their alarms. These guys are 45% off with Prime Day!

Amazon Prime Day Home Tech Favorites - Echo Dot

Echo Dot with Clock Face - 45% off Prime Day

Smart Light Bulbs

If you get Alexa, grab a couple of smart light bulbs to connect to them. These GE CYNC bulbs are what we put in the kids' lamps. They connect to an app on your phone and can be controlled via the Alexa app too. The kids love changing the color of their lamps and turning them on and off with voice commands!

Amazon Prime Day Home Tech Favorites - GE CYNC Light

Fire TV Stick

We use the Amazon Fire TV sticks to access entertainment on all TVs we own! I'm planning to upgrade this week to replace one of our oldest sticks to get some new remote functionality that our old ones don't have. What's cool is these also use Alexa commands so you can speak into the remote to search. With the never ending amount of streaming content that is produced, we love that search function. The new Fire Stick 4K Streaming is 50% with Prime Day!

Amazon Prime Day Home Tech Favorites - Fire TV Stick

Battery Operated Candles

I love using candles for decoration and pretty soft lighting, but hate the dingy smoke they put in the air. I've replaced all my main candles with battery-powered LEDs and can't believe it took me so long to do it! The candlesticks on the mantle came with a remote so I can turn them on and off easily. They even can be put on a timer to come on at the same time every day which is how I have my pillar candles set - both inside on our entryway table and outside in our porch lanterns! Love the soft flickering glow of these candles, and the zero maintenance required to operate them!

Amazon Prime Day Home Tech Favorites - LED Pillar Candles

Amazon Prime Day Home Tech Favorites - LED Taper Candles

Amazon Prime Day Home Tech Favorites - LED pillar candles

Arlo Security Cameras

We love the Arlo security cameras and have them on every entry. It's great for tracking when we have packages delivered, especially when out of town! The security they give for seeing who is coming and going is great but we also get a lot of entertainment seeing what wildlife walks by! From deer eating our roses out front to the fox we caught the other night checking out our porch, they catch it all. They also offer 2-way audio that you can speak through. We joke that the kids are never going to be able to sneak out, but that's probably a good thing! These are super simple to install and track through an app on your phone. We're grabbing one more to have out back when the pool gets installed too. PS, you can also use them indoors and move them around whenever you need!

Amazon Prime Day Home Tech Favorites - Arlo

That's the short list of our favorite home technology gadgets and gizmos. Happy shopping! Let us know if you have other favorites to try!


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