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Quick Fix: Snack Drawer Organizers

Please tell me other families go through as many snacks as we do! Our snack drawers in the kitchen have gotten seriously unruly. So on a whim, I picked up a few clear plastic storage bins and tackled the snack drawer organization. And I gotta tell you, this may be one of my favorite drawer organizations yet!

Our Messy Snack Drawer

From granola bars and crackers to cookies and cheesy puffs, our snack drawer usually looks something like this. We like to keep a lot of individually packaged goodies on hand for the kids to take to school and for quick grabs on the go.

Snack drawer chaos

Our "chip drawer" is just about as bad. To be honest, this whole pantry is!

Snack drawer chaos

Snack Drawer Organization

To get started, we pulled all the snacks out of the pantry, and out of their original containers, and organized them by category... granola, fruit, salty, sweet...

Snacks on counter by caregory

After the drawers were clear, we vacuumed up all the leftover crumbs and go ready with our bins. I picked these up at Target and hoped they worked! This was an unplanned fix, otherwise I would have done some measuring first. I loved the 13x5x5 sized bins and thought they'd be great for the individual snacks. Picked up a few 13x10s for corralling larger items.

Plastic bins for drawer org

Once settled, I stacked and filled our individual snacks which is actually quite a shocking experience to realize how much waste the original packaging makes up. Some of those had 5 bars in an entire box, and they now take up a tiny little section of a bin that can hold nearly five boxes of snacks worth!

Organized snack drawer

Encouraging the "healthier choices" in the front before getting to the cookies in the back, this drawer holds some serious snacking power now!

Organized snack drawer

We used the big bins to help restructure some of the other drawers of chips, nuts, granola, etc.

Snack pantry

Snack time is officially MUCH more organized. All in less than an hour!


Need a snack drawer organization fix? Here's what we used:

Need it faster? These also look like a great option!

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