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Quick Fix: How to Hide Cords and Cables

Wanting to hide black TV cords that run along a white wall is one thing, but you know you're a perfectionist when you feel the need to hide black cords on a black wall. In my defense, they also needed to be contained! If you've mounted a TV without moving or adding an outlet behind it for cord control, here's a quick way to clean up the look without any tools required.

Easy and Quick Stick-on Cord Hiders

The TV in our workout room was already mounted before we rehabbed it after the flood, but the cords used to tuck behind a storage shelf so they weren't as obvious or in the way. I'm not worried about the aesthetics as much in here, but wanted to make sure nothing could get caught on the cords taking mats on and off of the shelf. Plus, this is very much a kid play room so limiting any potential issues is also a good thing.

workout room floating tv with cords visible to outlet

I found these cord hiders on Amazon - they had multiple colors, even though they say these are paintable to any wall color. I got a set of black for this room. Super easy - just stuck the track along the wall with the included tape, ran the cords on top of the track and popped the cover on.

black TV cord hider kit

The kit came with a variety of sizes along with corner pieces to help track as much as you need. The cords are cleanly tucked away along the side of the shelf!

tv cords hidden alongside yoga shelf

In the game room, we have an outlet behind the TV but wanted to hide the cords connected to the gaming consoles on the shelf below.

floating tv with cords visible to gaming console

The white set of cord hiders was close enough to our white wall color - but love the idea of being able to paint over these in other rooms if ever needed.

tv cord hider kit

Hiding the cords is just a small little detail, but one that really cleans up the look of your mounted TV.

tv cord hider

From further away, your eye just glosses right over the cover. Best part, this quick and simple fix just took a few minutes!

game room tv entertainment center with cords hidden


Need a cord hiding fix? Here's what we used:

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