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Quick Fix: Bathroom Vanity Drawer Organization

Before the basement flood, I planned to spend the first couple blogs of spring tackling a few quick spring cleaning items, but we all know how that went down. That said, I did find a minute to fix something I've been needing to do since we moved in: organize my bathroom vanity drawers!

We've been adjusting to the change from having a lot of vertical pantry storage at our old house to having more drawer storage in this house, but for deep drawers with items that get daily heavy use, they've been a mess. Case in point...

messy bathroom vanity drawer

Plastic Drawer Organizers

I used these plastic drawer organizers in our junk drawer overhaul downstairs last year so thought they'd be a good solution for the bathroom too. The drawers are deep so without something to help group items, things get buried quickly.

plastic bathroom drawer organizer set

The pack came with multiple sizes of plastic square and rectangle bins, with little stick-on rubber feet. I like these for drawers that get opened and closed regularly because it helps keep them in place and don't slide around much.

silicone sheet of stick on feet for bins

Bathroom Vanity Drawer Organization

Part of the "fun" of organizing is figuring out exactly what you have and what you need space for. With all the contents out of the drawer and grouped into like items, you can play with different bin arrangements, even using smaller bins inside larger bins.

empty drawer with plastic bins on bottom

It takes a little trial and error, but eventually you can find the right amount of space for the items you have. My drawer went from a cluttered mess of hair products and skincare to a totally functional drawer where I can see everything and have them grouped together. The best part about adding the plastic dividers to these deep drawers is all of my hair products could stand up on end without falling which saved lots of space of getting everything else in there.

organized bathroom vanity drawer with bins

One bonus tip - even though the hair ties now all have their own small bin, I used a plastic ring to contain them all first. This lets me pull the whole thing in and out to figure out what we need and keeps them all neatly fitting in their bin.

organized hair ties on a storage ring

Continuing on, I used these plastic bins to make my makeup drawer amazingly organized, grouping like items together neatly tucked away in the drawer.

makeup drawer organized with plastic storage bins

I put every bin to work and finished of may vanity drawers with the remaining small plastic and some additional containers I repurposed from before.

organized bathroom vanity with body products and eye glasses

Such a quick and simple fix but it saves so much time and hassle being able to open up the drawer and see everything I'm looking for with ease. These plastic drawer organizers can be used seriously anywhere you need to contain small parts - in the bathrooms, kitchens, utility spaces, offices, shops, bedrooms, you name it!

view of 3 organized drawers I vanity


Need an drawer organization fix? Here's what we used:

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