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Quick Fix: Outdoor Furniture Leg Floor Protector Carpet Sliders

We've gotten a lot of use out of our new big outdoor dining set this summer! It's been great having the extra seating for our big family dinner gatherings. After we resurfaced the deck, we found that it got really hot in the direct sun and I started to worry about the chairs sliding over the surface of the deck and scraping the surface off so we bought a big outdoor rug to help both. The feet of the chairs have little twistable adjusters that can help ensure the chair is stable, but they are a little sharp, they'd get caught in the rug.

Furniture Leg Floor Protectors

We went through two different products before I finally found and landed on the best option that fits the chair legs great, will work outdoors and helps the chairs slide smoothly over the rug.

Outdoor dining table rug and carpet sliders

This brand offered both circular and square shapes and a variety of sizes to choose from. The other products I tried were circular shape and our chair legs are square so was happy to finally find something more true to size.

Outdoor dining table rug and carpet sliders

Made out of plastic, they simply slip over the bottom of the chair leg.

Outdoor dining table rug and carpet sliders

I like that these are clear and black so they blend in pretty good and don't totally stand out as funny little chair feet additions.

Outdoor dining table rug and carpet sliders

Unless you're really looking for them, they blend in well and work great to allow the chairs to slide out and under the table with ease.

Outdoor dining table rug and carpet sliders

It really helps since the chairs themselves are all "captions chairs" with arms so they need to come out nearly all the way to get everyone in. Not a lot of elbow room if we have 8 people dining.

Outdoor dining table rug and carpet sliders

We'll see how long these little feet last but for now, I'm thrilled with what they're doing for protecting the flooring and helping the chairs move in and out better.

Outdoor dining table rug and carpet sliders


Need a furniture leg fix? Here's what we used:

Patio Furniture:

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