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Solar Landscape Lighting for the Backyard Patio and Plant Beds

Some of you might remember the difference it made to our front nighttime curb appeal when we lit up the front of the house and landscape beds with cheap solar lights last year. If not, click on the link to read that post. The impact was so huge for not only the visual but for the security of our house. So now that the pool is done and Zach's got a good start on our backyard landscaping and yard repair, we're lighting up the backyard using the same type of lights as we used on the front of the house. But this time, we're mixing it up a bit with the type of lights used.

Solar Powered Landscape Lights

Landscape Uplighting

For the bulk of our landscape lighting, we used the same 55 lumen spotlights that we used on the front of the house. These are great for up lighting - highlighting trees, shrubs, structures, etc. For the backyard, I used these to up light the large old pines behind the fence, and all the trees old and new.

pack of solar lights on table

To spotlight the hydrangeas, we got these smaller LED flood lights that were only 20 lumens.

solar flood light

I decided to light up every other plant to get us started. They're a little more discreet but still put off quite a bit of light so I didn't want to overdo it.

back plant bed hydrangeas with solar light in day

Pathway Downlighting

For the patio, I added some pathway lighting to improve nighttime walkability and safety around the pool deck. They're only 15 lumens so they put out less light than the spotlights, but that is plenty of light for the function we need.

box of pathway lights

Was pleased when I found these path lights that shine the light down to the ground - and bonus - they're more modern looking than a lot of the traditional pathway solar lights I've seen!! Best part of all of these lights is that after a good charge in the sun, you just stick them in the ground and go!

kiersten installing solar path light

In addition to the pathway, I put a few of these in the back plant bed to shine some down lights between all the various up lights.

solar pathway light

Utility Lighting

Finally, I wanted to find something that we could use near the pool equipment to help us see when shutting things down in the dark. I found this little clip utility light that has a magnetic back that works wonders for a small space.

led clip light in the box

It sticks right on the metal electrical panel and I can even grab it and use it like a flashlight.

led clip light on the pool equipment box

Light it up!

Ok, now that you've see it in the day - the night time effect is where these babies really SHINE. Get it? Ok where to start... how about the pathway!

Pathway Solar Lights at Night

The pathway lights wrap around all sides of our deck illuminating the entire concrete deck closest to the house.

solar pathway lights on back patio at night

Quite a bit of light comes off the house where we have our cafe lights over the deck, but especially with the pool, we wanted to make sure everyone can really see where they're going as it gets dark.

back pool deck with solar pathway lights

Let's be honest, we're rarely up and moving about when it actually gets dark in the dead of summer - but know that won't always be the case as the kids get older.

back pool deck with solar pathway lights at night

Solar Utility Light at Night

Not the reveal you've been waiting for, I know, but how about this little guy!? He's a workhorse for a tiny little magnetic solar light.

magnet utility light at night

Solar Landscape Lighting at Night

Now for the best stuff ... our landscape beds all lit up with the various up and down lighting. Our back plant bed really shines.

back landscape bed with solar up and down lighting at night

I originally just planned to light up the various plantings on the inside of the fence, but decided we needed to give the big pine trunks their own moment and I'm so glad I did.

back landscape bed with solar up and down lighting at night

Also glad we only lit every other hydrangea. Having at the others dark allows for some nice depth and to allow the downlight in the middle to fill in the gaps.

b ack pool deck and landscape bed with solar up and down lighting at night

Our oak trees to the north really cap it all off.

backyard pool and landscape bed with solar up and down lighting at night

As much as I love this space in the day, it's equally beautiful at night. It's just a whole different vibe.

backyard pool deck and landscape bed with solar up and down lighting at night

And now that we're halfway through summer, we've officially blown all bedtime routines so the kids are even getting to enjoy it!

zach and kids enjoying the pool at night


Need a lighting fix? Here's what we used:




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