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Sunroom Ceiling Fan Swap

Next up on the project list: swapping out the old large ceiling fan in the sunroom with something a little more chic and modern. My goal is to get rid of all original lights and ceiling fans because I think swapping out light fixtures is such an easy way to instantly modernize a room.

The Old Ceiling Fan

Sunroom with old brown ceiling fan

Our sunroom had the same kind of fan as our living room originally did, but with an extension rod. The thing was very stately and massive.

Sunroom with old brown ceiling fan

Ceiling Fan Installation

While you never know what you're in for with these projects, this room had an added complexity of having 11' ceilings so I had to get out Zach's big Gorilla ladder and use his help more than usual to save me from having to do a ton of ups and downs.

Zach prepping a ladder under the old ceiling fan

While browsing for something new in here, I contemplated replacing the fan with a pretty chandelier but since this is the sunroom, and we don't have any window coverings, it does get warm in here when the sun shines in all its glory. Plus, I figure with all the in and out pool traffic, it would be good to have a fan running in here. I went with another Hunter fan in a sleek and simple black.

New hunter ceiling fan in the box

With the height ad angle of the ceiling, I added a 12" down rod to bring the light and fan down into the room a bit more.

Hunter down rod

As I'm working my way through the list of old ceiling fans I want to get rid of, I'm learning that the hardest part of the job is figuring out what to get the old one down. And this one was no exception - except for a really stupid reason. These ceiling fans have a little plastic decorative ring at the top that covers the hardware. It should just come off with a twist, but it took me and Zach trying for at least half of the installation time. Eventually, he got the win and got the thing off.

Kiersten on a ladder removing the old ceiling fan

Once off, it was time to get wiring. I was glad t not find any surprises like I had in Hank and Abbey's recent fan projects from this point on. And yes, I did use my electrical tester to make sure the wires weren't live.

Kiersten on a ladder wiring the ceiling fan

Step by step, the fan shape dup pretty quick.

Kiersten installing new ceiling fan

All of these new fans and lights are so high tech, I love this photo Zach too of the light kit itself to see the LEDs. Amazing those little dots can light up a whole room.

Inside of the LED light kid in the new ceiling fan

Every fan I've installed in this house has had a different remote. It takes some getting used to not using the original light switches like we did. But not having pull chains is a great perk and the remote can control the light and fan, including how dim or bright you want lights to the speed of the fan.

new ceiling fan remote mounted on wall near switch

New Sunroom Ceiling Fan

Even though the new fan is black, it actually blends in more to me because it doesn't hang down as far and take up so much visible space in the room.

Sunroom with new black ceiling fan

When I get back around to finishing off the windows and doors, and eventually refurnishing this room someday, I think the black modern fan will work great with nearly anything we choose.

Sunroom with new black ceiling fan

One fan left on the main level and then I'm DONE with the great ceiling fan swap of 2023. :) Stay tuned!


Need a ceiling fan fix? Here's what we used:

Tools for the job:

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