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White Painted Wood Trim in the Sun Room

You guys... it's taken two years but I am thrilled to be able to say we have officially painted ALL the original wood trim on our main level! WOOT! The last to be painted was our sunroom - which has become my favorite room to hang in the house. We shared the initial wall paint job and room creation early on with this blog post if you missed it. This room is so relaxing to just hang out and be surrounded by windows looking out to the back. The house speakers are wired in here too which, thanks to my dad who was able to figure out how to re-wire the 1990s audio technology and get me some bluetooth adaptability, I can sit peacefully with my 90s DMB jams in here. Let's reminisce a minute about where we started in this room and how it's evolved...

The "Before"

This was the photo from the listing. Goldenrod in all its glory!

sunroom with yellow walls

Walls Painted

We painted the walls in our first big batch of paint. I should clarify, on the big jobs, WE didn't do the painting... my favorite painter guy did. Brightening the walls alone in here was enough to satisfy me while we tackled the trim in the rest of the house first.

sunroom with painted white walls

I didn't mind the wood in here compared to the hatred I had for it in other areas of the house, but as the rest of the house got brightened up, this room made its way back on the list. I considered doing something other than white but who am I kidding, I'm so predictable - it needed to be the same as the rest of the main floor.

Painting the Trim

I'm not afraid of taking on a paint job now and then, and I actually find it kind of soothing. But this was one for the pros - with nine windows and a sliding glass door, it definitely needed the power of a paint sprayer.

Slide to enjoy this gallery of progress shots showing the kind of prep work he did to keep the paint under control! Such a pro. After a coat of primer, he hit it with two coats of our Sherwin Williams White Flour paint.

New White Trim Reveal

Oh what a coat of paint can do! The white paint makes every room look so much bigger every single time. It draws your eye right out and through the windows rather than focusing on the frame around them.

sunroom with white walls and white trim

Like the windows in the rest of the rooms that got this paint job, we decided to only have him paint to the inside frame of the windows that have crank opens and screens (the dark frames you can now see clearly with the white trim.

sunroom with white walls and white trim

I wanted to wait until all inside trim was done and then plan to finish off the inside of the crank open window trim in one big swoop. I'll have to open the windows on a nice day and paint them from the outside with the windows open so that nothing gets painted shut. With the sun room trim done now, I can put this overall window project back on the list.

sunroom with white walls and white trim

As a final update to all windows, I'll either be looking to replace or more likely paint the dark trim around the screens to help them blend in to their new surroundings. This isn't such a stark visual in the other rooms because I added blinds and curtains to those rooms. I don't really see myself doing that in this room though - want to keep it as open as possible. We'll see. There's still an unfinished quality to a room without curtains I think but I don't want to block the view here so I may just need to get over it.

sunroom with white walls and white trim

The sliding glass door will also need a new paint or stain job too. Add it to the list of orange doors that need some love around here! I've never painted interior doors so I'm dragging my feet a bit, but hope to start tackling a few at some point this year.

sunroom with white walls and white trim

I'm already on the hunt for some sort of new fan or light fixture in here to finish off the big updates I want to do in here for now! But otherwise, I'm loving my favorite room even more.

sunroom with white walls and white trim


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