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Winterizing the Pool but Memorializing the Fun with a Summer Lovin' Sunroom Canvas

Fall is here, and winter is on the way. We started the week with a high of 78 and ended it with highs 40 degrees cooler. While I'm here for the crisp air and all things fall, I'm always very sad to shut the book on summer - and after our first full season with the pool, the day we winterize is the day we know it's really over.

Winterizing the Pool

We had some trouble with our pool heater at the very end of the season, so we didn't get many cool day swims in. Honestly, only the kids can really handle the 65 degree day swing

backyard and pool with fall leaves

Keeping the chemicals balanced for the chance of a swim started to become less of a priority so we slowly let our pool set into "pond mode" - basically letting all chlorine levels dissipate so that we could safely drain the pool with as little chemical possible.

fall backyard pool

There's only one day a year we hate calling the Blue Iowa Pools crew, and it's winterization day. But the guys are pros and did a great job. If you want to read the nitty gritty on what it takes to shut down a pool for fall, give last year's blog a read.

blue iowa pool guy winterizing pool

I mean, look at this guy. A summer kid through and through... How sad is he?

hank watching the pool shut down

Winter cover on... it's officially over.

Pool closed for winter with winter cover on

Summer Fun Forever with a Custom Canvas

We love and live for long summer days, and now that we've got our "barefoot bar" in the sunroom, it felt only appropriate to memorialize our pool fun with a canvas of my favorite photo my dad took of the kids right after the pool was built last fall.

Sunroom with New Canvas

I've ordered a few things from Smallwood's now, and love the quality of the framed canvases. And they're huge - 44" tall!

small woods box

I played with the edit of the photo a bit before printing to make it look almost like a painting.

new framed canvas of kids on pool in sunroom

So while fall is in full swing and winter will be showing up soon, we can forever get a reminder that warm summer vibes will come around again.

new framed canvas of kids in pool in sunroom


Need a custom canvas fix? Here's what we used:


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