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Quick Fix: Easy Way to Customize Your Entry Console Table and Decor

While I was on the hunt for a new main entry foyer light fixture, I also started looking for a new entry console table for the wall between the bottom of the stair and the door. It's a perfect space for a console table, but it's long and needed a narrow table to not block the bottom of the stairs much. I searched locally at all our furniture and decor stores, and actually bought one, but ultimately decided the color and scale was wrong and the table needed to be longer.

I found this table on Wayfair and it was by far the easiest "assembly required" furniture I've ever bought. I was thrilled because usually "assembly required" takes hours and like one million parts, and I was prepared for that. But the top with drawers was pre-assembled (yay!) so it was just a few screw in leg parts and done!

Entryway Console Table from Wayfair
Entryway Console Table from Wayfair

It's a little longer than most, and more narrow, so it fit the space perfectly. The only problem I had with it was the silver-ish grey knobs.

Nothing's WRONG with them, and it's a nice looking table, but as I'm finding my self adding all the gold accents in this house, I thought the table would look better with gold knobs. So I grabbed a few of the knobs that I used in the main bathroom vanity to give this table a custom look.

Gold cabinet knobs
Antique Gold Cabinet Knobs

Swapping hardware is a very easy and very inexpensive way to totally change the look of your furniture or cabinets. See the difference?

The shiny antique gold really elevates the style of the table and helps it connect better to the other light fixtures in this space like the wall sconces and the new semi-flush entry light. And while I'd generally categorize gold as a little "fancy" - the antique finish and pairing it with other pretty and other rustic looking pieces make everything feel approachable and not too stuffy in my opinion.

entryway console table and rug
Entryway Looking Good!

This entry console table is a great drop zone storage space for dog leashes and treats, sunglasses, etc. Rather than storing more stuff in these baskets, we use them to collect miscellaneous things that need to find their way upstairs. Almost always there is a pair of socks lying around. So having one basket per kid, it's easy to assign one and have them just carry the basket up to their room to unload rather than try to get them to take a bunch of little things up individually.

entryway console table
Hardworking and Pretty Entry Console

As pretty as this table is, it's totally hardworking and functional. Same goes for my watering can from Earl May - this copper can is pretty enough to keep out - which is good because it's a good size and lets me water most of my houseplants in one swoop. And the shower head twists off. Of course I had to add a few pretty and non-functional elements to round out my decor! Love my little "hello" sign from Amazon and our "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord" sign we moved over from the old house. I wish it was slightly larger for this space, but it'll work for now!

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