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Goodbye Boob Light! Foyer Light Fix

Ok, so after our big main entry and staircase transformation, one might have said it looked done! But you should know better than that by now... #housedonemandead! I'd been on the hunt for a new light fixture for the foyer to replace the "boob light" after replacing the wall sconces with something that would coordinate better. What's a boob light you ask? This standard flush mount style of ceiling lighting you can see below. (Once you hear "boob light" you just can't un-see it.)

entryway boob light
Entryway Boob Light - Once you see it, you can't un-see it

This style of lighting has been in every home I've ever owned! They're inexpensive and not hard to install, so I get why contractors use them. After adding our gold and glass sconces, I really couldn't keep looking at this silver boob light much longer so I started the hunt for something that would coordinate with the sconces better. I actually had a really hard time deciding. I scoured the internet and every store that carries ceiling lights within a 10 mile radius of our house.

Entry with flush mount boob light, dog
Jake's Not Digging the Boob Light Either

After quite a lot of searching, I landed on this antique gold and glass semi-flush mount ceiling light. I liked that the gold and clear glass would tie into what I had going on with the sconces, and it could take up to a 100 Watt bulb, so I thought that would be plenty of light for the space. With the glass, I got a vintage looking clear LED bulb for energy savings too.

new glass and gold brass light fixture
Pretty and Simple Design

With a flip of the breaker box, my next electrical project was underway. The existing light came down super easy. But you never know what you're going to find when you start "un-doing" what someone else has done in your house. The light had a weird extension wire situation and the copper wire wasn't grounded at all to the box. I don't know how much of a risk that really is for something like this, but according to my EXTENSIVE training from my dad (ha!) I know that's not a good thing.

improperly wired old light
FAIL... improperly wired old light

Don't worry, Jake and I are all over it. This dog... he just turned 14. I swear he think's he's our official project supervisor except I know he's also officially super annoyed by all our weekend projects interrupting his nap times. But if a camera's pointing, chances are he's found his way in the photo. Abbey took this of me - I just cracked up seeing Jake there posing.

installation in progress Kiersten on ladder
Install in prog... and dog...

The final look? Lovely, if I do say so myself! Appropriately wired and grounded, so not only is it pretty, it's safer too.

new entryway light
New Entryway Light - No Boob!

Goodbye boob light! Well, at least THIS boob light... we definitely have more hiding in other places in the house. Another time for that!

entryway light
Pretty Compliment to the Sconces

Need a fix-up? Here's what we used:

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