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Get Ready to Shop: Check Out Our Very First Collection at Our Online Store

You guys! We are so excited to announce we have launched an online shop! Or "merch" as the cool kids in fifth grade call it. A while back, I found myself searching for a shirt that said "Reno is My Cardio" after I was telling someone about how little time we have for fitness, but since we're DIYing a majority of our basement renovation, that's basically the same thing (see last week's paint blog for proof). Well, one thing led to another and *poof* we started an online store and created a bunch of silly shirts and goods designed to bring you joy and inspire your next DIY.

Here's a snapshot of what you'll find in our very first collection. Most everything has a few color options and is printed just for you when you order it. Shop it all here - and be sure to check back often because we're just getting started:


We don't get a lot of fitness in, but we do a lot of DIY and that's basically the same thing. You too? Join the club and get yourself this shirt.

reno is my cardio t-shirt


The dad joke our blog was inspired by… wear this one with pride and be sure to say it out loud after every DIY. Every single one.

house done man dead t-shirt

This one was just too good so we had to put it on a couple tote bags so you can lug around all your supplies in style and with a smile.


Go ahead and let the paint fly in your new favorite paint day shirt. Those paint drips just add character and tell the world you're not afraid of a little DIY. I've already splattered on mine! Pro tip: order it big so you can wear it alone or by throwing it on quick over something else.

paint day t-shirt

Painting ceilings? We've got you. Give this embroidered hat a go. You'll look SO much better than that time I wore a paint sock on my head and actually posted a photo of myself on the internet.

paint day hat


The therapeutic benefits of gardening are real; especially in this house. So they deserve to be celebrated! Dig in with us and order this shirt for your garden friends.

gardening is my therapy t-shirt


Maybe you're more into demo than reno... but you're definitely not hitting the gym in your spare time. Join the club - you'll look great in this shirt.

demo is my cardio t-shirt


The therapeutic benefits of mowing aren't quite as universally agreed upon as gardening, but to someone in this house they are. That someone also likes to pretend mowing is a chore so his wife won't question why he takes so long...

mowing is my therapy t-shirt


"But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Enough said on this one. We hope our blog is sometimes entertaining and inspiring, but also shines a light to glorify God who really owns this house. So we're putting our money where our mouth is - we will donate 100% of all proceeds from orders of these items to local and global mission partners through our local church, Lutheran Church of Hope. Learn more about missions at Hope here.

as for me and my house we will serve the lord T shirt

This one also needed to be put on totes. We'll donate the proceeds of these to the same missions fund.

That's what we've got so far! Just in time for your holiday shopping! Don't forget the DIYer on your list. If you do order something, would love your feedback so let us know what you think! Get browsing:


we're kiersten and zach

Follow along with us each week as we work to make the very 2000s home we bought during the middle of a pandemic more “us.” We’ll share everything from quick fixes to more permanent changes, along with projects you can do in your own home. Zach will also share all his lawn and garden advice as he starts over on the yard.


Thanks for stopping by!

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explore our shop

explore our shop

Apparel and home goods designed by us to bring you joy and inspire your next DIY. Be sure to check back soon because we're just getting started.

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