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Our 10 Favorite Home Buys from the Past Year to Get You Ready for Amazon Prime Day (Jul 11-12)

Amazon Prime Day is just two days away! If you love a good deal like we do, set your alarms now for July 11 and 12 where you can shop some of Amazon’s best savings of the year. Last year we shared some of our favorite home tech gadgets to get your shopping list started. This year, we’re rounding up our 5 favorite inside and outside home buys we found on Amazon this past year! Some of these we've featured in past project posts, but some you're seeing for the first time. Shop on!

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through one of the product links, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Top 5 Inside Home Finds

Frame TV and Modern Teak Customizable Bezel

I can't tell you how happy I am with our new Frame TV in the living room. I so love that it blends right in and looks like art - especially with the teak bezel we got on Amazon. Hank had a friend over and the boys were going to play Xbox and the friend got so confused about where they were playing until we turned the TV on. Got a huge "WOAH THAT'S COOL! I THOUGHT THAT WAS ART!" Nothing like a 9 year old boy's endorsement! ;) I've been playing with the art a bit and love changing it out with the seasons and holidays! I only showed you what we did outside for the fourth this year, but we also star spangled the inside with the simple flip of the screen!

Frame TV and Teak Bezel in Living Room

Shop the 65 Inch Frame TV here: affiliate

Shop the Teak Bezel here: affiliate

Water Leak Sensor Home Starter Kit

We've learned the hard way just how powerful and destructive water can be thanks to our basement flood. These little wi-fi enabled sensors give us a ton of peace of mind.

Water Leak Sensor Kit

And you'd never believe it, but we were out at the Farmer's Market this weekend and I got an alert on my phone that our Laundry Room sensor was detecting a leak! Zach had gotten overexcited about washing a pillow along with bedding and water came out the top of our washer. Luckily he was nearby to be able to get home and check it and it ended up being just a little bit of water - enough that just a paper towel could clean it up. Those babies are sensitive - and I'm here for it!

Laundry alert on Kiersten's Watch

Shop Leak Sensors here: affiliate

In-Drawer Knife Block

This was a recent add that we shared on our blog just a bit ago, but man I just LOVE this knife block! It is such an awesome way to store knives and get them off the counter.

In-drawer Knife Block

Shop Knife Block here: affiliate

eero 6+ mesh Wi-Fi system

We upgraded our wifi which helps all our gadgets and gizmos run so much better! The eero mesh wifi system essentially creates mini hot spots throughout your house so you are not relying on just one primary wifi router. We struggled streaming on our TVs that were farthest away from the single router, and after installing the eeros, we haven't had a single issue. Dead zones gone! It was SUPER simple and intuitive to install. And comes with a cool app that helps you manage the devices that are tapping into the system. The routers are cute little things that blend in, which is a bonus, too.

Eero wifi system

Shop the eero here: affiliate

Bamboo Charging Stand

Last but not least, we conquered the cables with a simple little bamboo charging stand. It holds a power strip that all the various table and laptop cords tuck into, keeping all the kids' electronics in one designated spot. Or at least that's the idea!

bamboo charging stand for electronics

Shop the charing stand here: affiliate

Top 5 Outside Home Finds

Solar Panel Charger for our Backyard Arlo Camera

So glad someone was smart enough to think about creating a solar panel charger for the Arlo security cameras. We love ours, and knew when installing the pool we'd want one always on for an extra layer of security. The solar panel keeps it fully charged without us needing to climb a ladder every time the battery dies.

solar panel and Arlo

Shop the solar panel charger here: affiliate

Shop Arlo cameras here: affiliate

Tiki Smokeless Wood Burning Fire Pit

I've been eyeing the big smokeless fire pits on the market for some time, but decided to hold off on making a big purchase and found a smaller more inexpensive fire pit that has the same smokeless appeal! Not only, but it is so chic and cute! Much cuter than the big stainless steel ones! It's a small deck-ready size (can burn on the deck when you use the protective mat!) and even has a tray that makes cleaning ashes a breeze. Swipe to light it up!

Shop the fire pit here: affiliate

Shop the protective mat here: affiliate

Outdoor Sectional Sofa Cover

When I was looking for a simple sectional cover for the new patio furniture I just couldn't believe it when I stumbled on a sofa cover that cost lest that $10! I figured it was too good to be true but for $10 figured I had nothing to lose. Works like a charm! Has great clips to hold it to the legs of the sofa. It was not exactly beige - more of a light green. But who cares for this price! Keeps the furniture clean and dry when we're expecting weather! Swipe to uncover!

Shop the sofa cover here: affiliate

Retractable Garden Hose Reel

It's no secret that Zach loves to plant. But planting requires watering. And watering plant beds requires all the hoses. So when we saw these reels with retractable hose returns, I was sold. We JUST got it hung up but already love how it cleans up our hose pile! Time will tell how it holds up but it had great reviews. Swipe to see how we went from hose pile to hose reel!

Shop the hose reel here: affiliate

Boho Macrame Fringe Double Hammock

Ok if I'm being honest we got this a little more than a year ago. We have two big oak trees out back that were just BEGGING for a hammock. I had this one but accidentally got it caught in the washing machine and ripped it not realizing some of the fringe was tucked in the agitator, but loved it so much I just bought it again. I don't get to spend nearly as much time as I should just swaying in the breeze, but now and then it's a dream.

macrame fringe hammock

Shop the hammock here: affiliate

Shop the tree straps here: affiliate

Don't Forget Your Prime Membership!

Before you get shopping, just remember you need a Prime Membership to take advantage of all the best deals! We honestly use it for so much more than shopping, though we love the quick shipping! We love the entertainment and video content but one of the best perks of Amazon Prime is the extra discounts you get on top of other sales on groceries at Whole Foods. Every penny helps! Click this link to get a 30-day free trial!

Happy shopping friends! Let us know if you find any great home deals!

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