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Our Christmas Home at Night

Silent night. Holy night. All is calm. All is bright...

There are few things that bring me as much joy as singing Silent Night by candlelight every Christmas Eve with a couple thousand people at our church. The glow and glisten of 2,500 candles in the Hope worship center hits me square in the soul. Every dang time. Probably why I try to emulate that in our home every year over the holidays. So on this Christmas night, before we bounce into a new year of projects, we're sharing a twinkling tour of our Christmas home at night.

Outside Christmas Lights

Classic white is my go to. You weren't expecting anything else though, right!? With everything going on this fall, we didn't get lights on the house before it got too cold and snowed so we cheated this year and decided to hire the job out. Honestly though, this was something I thought we needed to do once Zach started talking about how he had the idea to tie a rope around him on the roof and me on the ground on the other side of the house so there would be a break in his fall. Um nope! Instead, we gifted this to each other for Christmas.

Exterior of house with white lights on roofline

Since the company who did the roofline used new strands of lights, we repurposed the lights we used last year on the five small junipers in our front landscaping. Can't wait until the these guys grow nice and tall so we can have the house flanked by pretty lit trees while my flocked tree lights up the front window..

Exterior of house with white lights on roofline

Main Entryway and Staircase

The minute you step inside, more lights abound. From the battery-operated pillar candle and mini tree with battery operated fairy lights near my entry console table to the garland that runs along the staircase, our house is aglow all evening long.

Entryway console table with Christmas decor and garland up stairs

Like I told you a couple weeks ago when I shared my new Ribbon Tree, I wanted a tree in our four season room not just because we spend a lot of time in there, but because it had a direct line of sight from the front door. It really draws your eye in and shines. The garland up the bannisters is actually just unlit fairly cheap garland that I string lights on. I get MORE lights per foot this way rather than using pre-lit garland. Plus, I figure if we have issues, it's just a strand or two of lights to replace rather than the whole garland.

Lit garland up staircase

Formal Sitting Room/ Music Room

Just last week we shared a look at this room with how we display our Christmas Village. Paired with "my" pretty flocked tree that shines out the front window, sitting in here brings so much peace.

music room with Christmas tree and lit up christmas village

I call this "my" tree because it's the one that I bought myself when I decided to let go of my perfectionist tendencies with the tree in the living room that dons all the random ornaments and kids crafts. I look away and let the kids decorate that tree how they want - and don't even move an ornament even if it seems out of place. But on the mom tree, I've curated many beautiful ornaments and faith-based, nativity decorations that helps point us to the true meaning of Christmas - that special night in Bethlehem when Jesus was born.

Christmas tree in front of window at night

Dining Room

During the Christmas season, we display our nativity on the sideboard in the dining room. Can't just let this beautiful display sit dark! Battery-operated fairy lights help light up this Holy scene.

nativity set with twinkle lights

Four Season Room

Through the kitchen and under the mistletoe, our newest Ribbon Tree shines in the four season room.

candle on table with Christmas tree lit up in background

This room is all windows, so I absolutely love how the lights bounce off the glass and sparkle throughout the room, making this room feel even brighter than it would with just the tree alone.

Christmas tree lit up in sun room

Living Room

Our living room is dedicated to the magic of childhood - which I shared with you last year when I deep dove into how I am embracing the kids craft decor.

view through kitchen to living room with trees lit up

The crazy array of personal ornaments is backlit by lights that actually twinkle.

christmas tree I living room with mantle in background

And our mantle is decorated with more twinkling garland that lights up some sweet Christmastime photos of the kids over the years.

fireplace with Christmas mantle

Even the kid's Little People nativity glows in here. It doesn't get played with as much as it once did, but I'm going to keep setting it out at toddler level.

little people nativity

The days are numbered on our Christmas home, which always makes me sad. But until then, we'll sit here in the glow of the lights and let it remind us how the "light shines in the darkness and the darkness can't extinguish it" (John 1:5).

Merry Christmas friends. Wishing you and yours a wonderful new year ahead.


Need a Christmas fix? Here are a few of our favorite twinkling things:

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