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Simple Christmas Tree Decorations with Ribbons and Bows

Confession: I bought another Christmas tree. That makes 4. I just can't help it! There's nothing more magical than sitting by the glow of twinkling Christmas lights and I want every space we spend time in to have that special feeling this time of year.

Our sunroom has peaked ceilings and it was just begging for a tree of its own. It has a direct line of sight from the front door and I knew I could go taller with the tree than our others. While measuring and thinking about my options, I decided the tree would be best in the corner of the room rather than directly in the center of the window so I could keep my seating arrangement in tact. That meant I could go 9 feet tall with the tree. I found a really inexpensive tree on sale during the Black Friday lead-up. It's got nice realistic looking branches, but isn't nearly the quality of my last flocked tree I shared with you in last year in my post about learning to embrace the kid craft decorations but getting myself a "mom tree."

sunroom with 9' Christmas tree in corner of room

I was going to keep it undecorated this year because it really is pretty on its own, but I was inspired by another blogger who decorated one of her trees with bows made from simple spools of ribbon.

plastic box with spools of old ribbon

After my grandma passed last year, my grandpa has been working on cleaning things out of the house and we've been "shopping" when he and my aunt get through big hauls. I've been snatching up all her Christmas ribbon, so I thought that would be a really simple and FREE to me way to decorate this thing.

Christmas tree decorated with bows and ribbon

Plus I love that these bows are the result of half spools of ribbon that grandma used for crafts of her own. Who knows what the ribbon was used for, but the mismatch of the different ribbon is perfectly imperfect. Some spools only had enough for one ribbon even.

Christmas tree decorated with bows and ribbon

It took 20 minutes to cut and tie bows and I think it turned out to be a really simple but beautiful tree that anyone can create in any color scheme!

Christmas tree decorated with bows and ribbon

Save this idea for your your next tree! Because you can never have too many! ;)


Need a Christmas fix? Here's what we used:


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