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Primary Bedroom Furniture Update and Hardware Refresh

It's been so cold lately that I've really lacked motivation to keep moving on my project list. The only thing at home I'm really getting done these days for myself is making my way through Season Two of Emily in Paris on Netflix. So yeah, I guess you can say we've gone into hibernation mode. But while there's still plenty of dreaming and planning going on for bigger projects, and many smaller updates I want to keep working on throughout the house, I decided to focus on finishing out our primary bedroom and give it a little more love.

Primary Master Bedroom Decor

The only changes we've made in here since moving in have been replacing the ceiling fan light and the window treatments. Check out that blog to see the true "before" in here. Otherwise, it was already a neutral room so I didn't feel the need to do anything else immediately. We were so lazy in here when we moved in, we even strapped our flat screen TV into the old box TV wall mount the old owners left. Doing so left a weird unused space under the TV that I thought needed filling. So I decided to make a cozy little sitting nook and ordered this cute little chair, a lamp and added a little greenery with this great big snake plant.

Primary Master Bedroom Decor

In a serendipitous turn of events, two chairs arrived at our door. I confirmed that I didn't accidentally order two and called Target to send it back. To my shock, they told me to keep it! I'm guessing the hassle and shipping costs to get it back to them is worth more than the chair itself, but I'll take it! So, we've now got his and hers chairs in here! It really helps fill the room and have been great to have.

Primary Master Bedroom Decor

I'm planning to start adding some color back into here shortly - looking at getting a rug, maybe painting the walls, adding a little art... But one thing I've been wanting to try is change the hardware out on the furniture to lighten the "farmhouse" look that I was so into in our old house. Rather than actually replacing the hardware, I decided to see what would happen if I just turned them gold with the tube of Rub 'n Buff I already had from my pendant light project in the kitchen. Our new bed side lamps and the standing lamp all have gold hardware, so I got out the tiny-but-mighty-tube of Antique Gold and went to work.

Antique Gold Rub N Buff

I decided to just see what would happen if I left the hardware on the door fronts and it worked great. The furniture is already pretty "distressed" showing "chips and discoloration" so I figured a mistake or two wouldn't be an issue. I applied the material just on the exterior face of the pull, leaving the underside and edges dark.

Primary Master Bedroom Decor

I gotta say, this stuff is so fun to use! It's almost theraputic! After rubbing it on all the handles, I went back over it with dry gloves and smoothed out the wax to give them a little shine.

Primary Master Bedroom Decor

After a matter of minutes, literally, our furniture's got a whole new look.

Primary Master Bedroom Decor

Primary Master Bedroom Decor

And, like every time I do home projects, as soon as I change something, it's easy to see my next project. In this case, our bronze mirror now stood out as being too dark and heavy...

Primary Master Bedroom Decor

So I figured "what the heck!?" and just kept moving with the Rub n' Buff. I did grab a little painters tape to tape off the mirror in case I got a little excited, but that was all the prep work I did.

Primary Master Bedroom Decor

The bronze made for a really nice antique effect because I didn't try very hard to get the wax into the creases in the divots of the decorative frame element. The gold really brought out the detail too!

Primary Master Bedroom Decor

Running the same process as the knobs, I quickly applied the product, buffed it off and called it a day.

Antique Gold Mirror - Primary Master Bedroom Decor

The stuff really does go far for coming in such a tiny tube- but the mirror finished off what I had on hand! Already feeling fresh in here! And figuring out what else I should probably turn gold... Anyway, working on a couple more bedroom updates to come... stay tuned!


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