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Adding Window Blinds in the Bedroom to Make the Outdoor Curb Appeal Cohesive

Our bedroom is one of the most finished spaces in the house, but like I shared in our last bedroom post about finishing off the paint and decor after we removed the half moon and installed the new window, our old blinds didn't fit. We installed a new curtain rod and added some soft panels, but thought we'd be fine for a while without blinds.

bright bedroom window no blinds

Uh, no. This is an east-facing window. It took until about mid-June to realize it gets pretty dang light, pretty dang early and on days where we actually want to sleep in, it was nearly impossible. Check out the light we had shining through the curtains - this was probably taken in the 6am ballpark. Sleeping in doesn't exactly happen that often, but getting better sleep is always a good idea, so I decided to add the blinds back in.

bright bedroom sunlight

Installing Blinds in the Primary Bedroom

Since I moved the existing blinds down to the main floor music room, I ordered the exact same kind of white cordless blinds for our room since these are the only two windows on the front of the house. It's a small thing, but having similar window coverings on windows in the front gives your home a more cohesive looking curb appeal when they are both open and closed.

blinds and tools  on bed

The tricky part with this new window was figuring out where to mount the blinds. The window didn't have any depth to the frame like the old window had, so I needed outside mount blinds. I was afraid of drilling into the brand new window itself to install so I decided I would need to mount to the molding above.

mounting outside mount blinds

This isn't ideal visually to me, but it works. I screwed them in slightly below the mid line to allow a little of the holding to still show above.

window in bedroom with blinds open

The project only took about 45 minutes, and I got it done in time to roll into bed, excited to wake up to less light in the morning!

window in bedroom with blinds closed

Since these aren't technically blackout and have slats, the morning light still come in. But we were used to that amount of light from before, and it's really a huge difference IRL! Here's proof of "the boys" enjoying their much darker mornings.

window in bedroom with eyes close

Opened up, here's the view from the inside:

window in bedroom with blinds open

Cohesive Window Treatments

And from the outside, the window treatments look cohesive for the first time! We had honeycomb in here when we moved in before we replaced the blinds the first time on the old window, and the downstairs windows had wood color mini blinds. You can see in this old pic of the house how the windows on the main floor have the wood/orange color when closed. The upstairs blinds were wide open under the always blocked half moon.

old exterior with mismatched blinds in windows

Being the same style and same color, it helps with that cohesive look out front. Here's with the blinds pulled down but with slats open on both windows:

front of house exterior with blinds open

And here they are closed. The reason the windows on the ends of each trio look darker is because you're seeing the screen.

exterior of front of house with blinds closed

That's all, friends. Front of house blinds - fixed!


Need a fix-up? Here's what we used:

Tools for the job:

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